For 22 years, Lifan Group is on the way, where thunderstorms are illuminated with prosperity.

Lifan Group is a large-scale private enterprise focusing on scientific research and development as well as manufacturing and sales of engines, general machinery, automobiles and motors, meanwhile being involved in finance, securities and real estate.

Starting from power system, Lifan Group has developed business portfolio that is focused on auto, motor and general machinery. By sticking to the development of self-owned brand, independent R&D and internationalization strategy, Lifan has achieved organic combination of entity industry and financial services.

Set sail in virtue of wind. Through a worldwide sales network, Lifan Group has its products sold to 165 countries and regions e.g. Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin America, etc., setting and maintaining the record of highest export volume among domestic peers for years. Lifan has received the greatest honor as "National Identity" of China, which made the enterprise one of the 100 well-known enterprises that represent China's 60-year economic development since the founding of the nation.

In 2013, Lifan Group achieved sales revenue of RMB 26.016 billion by selling 370,800 autos, 1,488,900 motors, 3,563,100 engines and 363,000 general machineries, and earned USD 865 million through exports. The subsidiary —— Lifan Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. was successfully listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange as the first private passenger car A stock listed in China.

Lifan Motors, an innovative force in China national auto manufacturing industry.

In January of 2006, the world debut of the first model ——Lifan 520 marked that Lifan officially started to enter automobile industry.

Depending on massive investment into auto projects, Lifan Group has developed into one of the enterprises with the most extended product lines, with licenses to produce a series of products e.g. passenger car, minicar, truck, special vehicle, bus, etc. In 2013, sales revenue of Lifan passenger cars reached RMB 6.297 billion, up 23.37% year over year or up 7.66% against the industrial growth.

Through eight years of constant strivings, Lifan Motors has made qualitative leaps in capacity, product line, manufacturing process and quality control. In terms of capacity, the three factories in Chongqing are all equipped with advanced production lines for stamping, welding, coating, assembly and engine, as well as the test line for dynamic performance of entire vehicles. At present, the 4th factory is under construction. Completion of all the above-mentioned factories will put the capacity of Lifan well over the 1 million mark.

In terms of product line, the three major platforms have been available to produce small models, compact models, and mid-sized/oversize models. Currently, a wide variety of sedan, SUV and MPV have been produced in much higher quality.

Now, Lifan Motors offers a wide range of models e.g. Lifan 520, 520i, 320, 330, 530, 620, 630, 720, 820, X50, X60, micro vans and so on and had them exported and fully participated in the internationalized competition on global market.

In terms of new energy autos, Lifan has successfully developed model 320 and 620 electric vehicles.

As planned, Lifan Motors will develop at least two new products every year. It will have its cross-over compact SUV such as Lifan X50, home and business application B-Class such as Lifan 820, home MPV such as Lifan CA08 debuted in 2014, so as to achieve stereoscopic development of the company.

Innovation LIFAN Quality LIFAN

Always taking "scientific and technological innovation" as driving force of development, Lifan has established a national-level technology center, national-level testing center, post-doctoral research center and academician workstation.

The brand new research institute of Lifan Motors,costing over RMB 200 million and being equipped with advanced testing equipment introduced from several countries,has been put into use. The four major labs i.e. Whole Unit Performance Lab, Engine Lab, Spare Parts Lab, and NVH Complex Lab enable the Experiment Center of Lifan Auto Research Institute (the Institute)to perform 16 professional tests relating to all aspects of vehicle. This laboratory capability allows the Institute to ascend to the front row of auto research centers in China, pushing the manufacturing and R&D capacity of Lifan to a new level.

Under support of powerful technological R&D, in 2013, Lifan Motors accomplished R&D of 2.4L-displacement engine,engine technologies such as turbo charging and gasoline direct injection, and several new entire vehicle technologies such as Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and CAN/LIN in-vehicle network technology.

According to evaluation result by National Enterprise Technology Center (NETC), up to 2013, Lifan has authorized over 6,900 patents, with number of patents for invention ranking second in auto industry. This is inseparable with efforts of the Institute —— the national-level enterprise technology center. As the main body of Lifan auto technology innovation system, the Institute leads the industry in terms of VVT technology, dual fuel technology, new energy, electric vehicle technology, etc., meanwhile it gives full demonstration of Lifan's confidence to establish the best auto brand in China.

International LIFAN

Three treasures of Lifan: innovation, export and good reputation.

Earning money at home makes Lifan a local hero; profiting at abroad makes Lifan a national hero.

Lifan sticks to the route of internationalized development. In recent years, it has fully headed toward international market, maintaining the top three national brand car export position.

In 2013, Lifan Motors exported nearly 60,000 cars with its exported sedans accounting for 12% of China's independent brand exports, ranking the third in China.

From 2007 to 2013, Lifan Motors increased its exports from 4,990 to nearly 60,000 cars, with a growth over ten times. It has had its car export constantly rise. In the next two years, it will annually export over 100,000 cars, maintaining an annual growth rate of 20% to 30%.

As Lifan is branching out all over the world, it has exported its products to 50 countries and regions or basically covered large car consumer markets around the world, meanwhile it has maintained a high market share in Russia , Azerbaijan, Brazil and Ethiopia. It has had its car exports to Russia ranking the first in terms of Chinese export cars for three consecutive years. In 2013, it sold nearly 2 million cars in Russia, with an increase of approximately 33.7%, maintaining its absolute advantage in car export to Russia.

As a Chinese brand leader in overseas markets, Lifan Motors has established an overseas network layout. By 2013, it had had over 500 overseas outlets and 3 wholly owned subsidiaries in Russia, Ethiopia and Brazil, and has put into production in Russia, Azerbaijan, Myanmar, Ethiopia, Uruguay etc.

To fight for a place beyond China, it only took Lifan seven years from "going out" to "becoming internationalized". Lifan has founded seven overseas auto manufacturing bases and over 500 sales networks all around the world, indicating its strategy of internationalization has achieved initial success.

Based on Chongqing and looking ahead to the whole world. Surfing in the stormy sea of surging market trends, Lifan Motors, the aircraft carrier of China's national auto industry filled with dreams and hopes, will surely write a new legend by virtue of strong technology, unique business philosophy, and strengthening brand superiority.