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Security & Safety

Lifan530 is a recreational family sedan developed by Lifan Motors. Its higher trafficability, matched with 1.3 VVT and 1.5VVT power system will meet all your driving demand.
  • Unique security configurations among its peers (optional): four-wheel disc brakes, ESP (including TCS+BAS+BOS), tire pressure monitoring, 6 airbags
  • Four-wheel disc brakes:
    LIFAN 530 has its four wheels controlled by disc brakes, which feature better heat dissipation, smaller thermal attenuation and more excellent braking effect than drum brakes.
  • BAS:
    This system can automatically identify the foot pedal force in time of braking, and (in case of emergency, if the driver slams on the brake) this system will automatically increase its braking force, shorten the braking distance and time and enhance the braking power to ensure the braking reliability and safety. At present, this system is classified as a braking system advanced in the world and also used in LIFAN cars for the first time.
  • BOS:
    LIFAN 530 adopts the Bosch brake override system, if the oil can not be cut off when the accelerator is stepped on by mistake or fails in case of emergency, this system will automatically reduce the torque output of the engine and take precedence to respond to the braking system to avoid accidents and ensure the vehicle and personnel safety.
  • TCS traction control system + ESP vehicle electronic stability program (optional):
    The traction control system plus vehicle electronic stability program can prevent the vehicle from slipping, side slipping and drifting in case of emergency.In the field of car technology, Bosch boasts the originator of the ESP, so the Bosch ESP9.0 LIFAN 530 uses should be the world leading technology, which can effectively ensure the safety.
  • The tire pressure monitoring system can achieve full-time safety monitoring:
    The pressure of the four wheels can be monitored at any time to maintain the normal and safe pressure, so that LIFAN 530 could achieve less fuel consumption, more safety and comfort.
  • Airbags:
    LIFAN 530 is equipped with 6 airbags, which allows the vehicle to offer passengers more comprehensive protection. The copilot seat adopts a seamless airbag and the instrument panel uses advanced laser weakening technology, which has eliminated the gap between the traditional airbag and the instrument panel, so it looks more beautiful. The instrument panel uses a laser weakening technology, so the airbag operations can be accurately controlled, with the safety performance greatly enhanced.
  • Excellent security configuration among its peers: Bosch latest version of ABS, EBD, CAN-BUS system, 42% high-strength body steel plate
  • Bosch's latest 9.0ABS+EBD:
    It adopts the latest version (9.0) of advanced braking electronic control system provided by Bosch Company. Moreover, the system is the latest version of Bosch and also the ABS+EBD currently most advanced throughout China.LIFAN 530 boasts shorter braking distance and more accurate braking.
  • CAN-BUS system:
    Along with the rapid increase of electrical parts, the traditional one-line-for-one-signal data line has already been out of fashion. Relative to optical fiber cables, the CAN network control can receive more information and suffer from smaller loss.
  • 42% high-strength body steel plate:
    The complete vehicle body made from more than 42% high-strength steel plate is expected to reach the 5-star collision standard.The safety body, the body able to absorb collision energy and the high-strength cab independently researched and developed by LIFAN can effectively absorb the collision energy in time of any collision and disperse the energy to the various parts of the body frame to minimize the cab deformation and ensure the occupants' safety.

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Parameter of Lifan 530

Vehicle model
Production modelLF7133/LF7133BLF7153/LF7153ELF7153C/LF7153F
Dimension parameter
L×W×H (mm)4700×1765×1490
Wheelbase (mm)2550
Tread (front/rear) (mm)1465/1460
Min. Turning radius (m)9.6
Min. Ground clearance(Empty load mm)172(载no load)
Front/rear suspension(mm)810/940
Curb mass(kg)114011401165
Cross weight(kg)151515151540
Trunk volume(L)475
Power train system
Displacement (L)1.3L VVT1.5 VVT
Max.power [kw/(r/min)]69KW/6000rpm76KW/6000rpm76KW/6000rpm
100 km fuel consumption (L)6.46.4/
Oil tank volume (L)42L
emissions standards Euro IV/Euro VEuro IV/Euro VEuro IV/Euro V
Chassis system
Steering gear typeElectric power steering / hydraulic steering
Front overhangingMcPherson independent suspension
Rear overhangingComposite semi-trailing arm independent suspension
Brake type(front/rear)Front disc rear drumFront disc rear disc
Tyre size185/60 R15
LIFAN 530 Configuration





Electric power steering 





Power sunroof 


Steel wheel rim  + Decorative Cover



Aluminum alloy wheel hub

Driver and front passenger airbags 



Front side airbags+ side air curtains 


Reversing radar 


Front and rear mudflaps 


Rear fog lamps



Daytime running lights 

Exterior rearview mirror with heating function 


Driver and front passenger seats with heating functioni 






Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS)


Brake Assist System (BAS)



Cloth seat



Driver 4-way seat with manual adjustment 



Driver 6-way seat with automatic adjustment 

Front passnger 4-way seat with manual adjustment 



Radio + CD + USB interface 



4 speakers 



Front power windows 



Rear power windows 



Electric air conditioner