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Security & Safety

    Under the function of optimized chassis system and ABS+EBD, shortened brake distance can avoid the accidence efficiently.ABS anti-lock brake system prevents sliding and locking to avoid direction out of control and sliding; for the EBD electronic brake force limitation, when drivers braking, the brake oil pressure system adjusts the brake device automatically according to the conditions of the four wheels to make the brake force match with traction force in use of assisting ABS function, enhancing the brake efficiency and driving safety.
  • Four wheel disc brake system
    LF620 adopts the brake system of four-wheel disc brake enhancing driving safety. The front and rear wheels are solid disc brake. The front solid brake disc is 10 inches and the rear one is 10.5 inches.
  • Reversing auxiliary device
    Three reversing radar probes are amounted on the vehicle tail of LF620. Ultrasonic is made use of to detect the barrier behind the vehicle. Remind the drivers as different frequency according to its distance and indicate warning red light on the dashboard. The human caring reminding way enhances the reversing safety.
  • Reversing auxiliary device
    When the vehicle speed reaches 20km, the central controlled door lock will lock all doors automatically to avoid a mistake of door opening when driving sequentially to enhance the driving safety.If impact accident occurs, the vehicle door will unblock automatically to assist drivers and passengers to evacuate. Meanwhile, the system has the function of immobilizing.
  • Safety impact test
    LF620 has experienced the frontal impact, side impact and rear impact tests. The test result indicates that when LF620 impacts, all air bags have been opened; A, B, C pillar are good without any damage; there is no deformation of the cockpit; there is no extrusion to the dummy; large displacement has not been occurred to the steering wheel; four doors can be opened smoothly.
  • Seat belts+ dual air bags
    The vehicle body adopts "cage" structure and complete side wall. Strengthened A, B, C pillar constitutes high strength cockpit which can protect the safety of passengers efficiently when occurring impact or side fall.

Stable Driving

Strong Power


Humanized Technique

  • Sub-body dashboard design is adopted by LF620 catering for international design trend and adopting upper-dark and lower-light style. And there is peach wood inlaid into the central console highlighting elegance and top grade.
  • The dashboard is the soft blue light of which the brightness can be adjusted. And the driving information is abundant. The water temperature and measuring scale adopt scale indication which can be indicated concisely on electronic scale gauge. Every five liters-oil is one frame to make sure that the driver can adopt corresponding oil supply according to actual data changing.
  • High grade foaming material is adopted on the upper dashboard. It has the same grade manufacturing process with the same grade vehicle of which the sense is quite good. And it has reasonable overall arrangement, high centralization, reasonable function key. All operations can be done by one hand.
  • LF620 adopts M-M design philosophy----maximum people sharing space and minimum machine sharing space. Thus the inner space is wide and comfortable.
  • Intimate space for goods storage is designed. The front central handle has double deck design and the extracting ashy tray is practical and easy to clean.
  • When attaching importance to the mastery, CD acoustics, mp3 input terminal and 6 horn acoustics are equipped in the vehicle to make driver and passengers enjoy the mastery fun in a relaxing environment.
  • The front seat of LF620 adopts ergonomics design. The foam property can be adjusted through dynamic test to assure long-distance comfort of driver and passengers; the seat design takes people's trunk curve into consideration which can support better when the vehicle steering. And the height of driver's waist can be adjusted according to the driver's requirement.
  • Meanwhile, the front seat can be placed 170° rearward which can make you have a better rest no matter what business trip or family trip.
  • The rear seat of LF620 adopts 4 / 6 design of which the seat back can be folded completely to make full use of luggage compartment; the rear seat is equipped with handle to improve the complete vehicle grade.

Parameter of Lifan 620

Vehicle model:LF7162ELF7162ELF7162E/CNGLF7162C-
Dimension parameter
L×W×H (mm)4550×1705×1495
100 km fuel consumption (L)8.0
Wheelbase (mm)2605
Front tread(mm)1470
Rear tread(mm)1460
Front suspension (mm)940
Rear suspension (mm)1005
Curb mass (kg)11501180
Trunk volume(L)650
Min. Ground clearance (mm)150
Min. Turning radius (m)5.1
Power train system
Displacement (L)1.61.8
Max.power [kw/(r/min)]78/600098/6000
emissions standards National IV emission standardsNational IV emission standardsNational IV emission standardsNational III + OBD emission standardsNational IV emission standards
Oil tank volume(L)58
Chassis system
TransmissionCVTContinuously variable transmission5-speed manual
Front overhanging typeMacpherson/cross-stabilizer bar
Rear overhanging typeSemi-trailing arm type independent suspension
Brake typeDisc-stype
Tire specification195/60 R15
620 Configuration






Door/seat numbers





Energy absorbing steering column


Hydraulic boosting steering




Alternative, electronic ABS + EBD can cancel from the LX, EX;

Without ABS proportional valve

Dual front airbags


can cancel from the LX, EX;

Side anti-collision safety protecting


Three-point type safety belts of front row (with height adjustment)


Rear row safety belt


Child protection lock


Unsecured warning Safety belt 


No-closed warning of door


Anti-fatigue adjustment waist support of driver seat


6 directions manual adjustment of driver seat


Upper and lower adjust headrest of front row


Split Style headrest of rear row


Imitation leather seat


Mesh seat


Rear row seat 4/6


Adjustable steering wheel (double-direction)


Common steering wheel


Imitative walnut wood decoration strip


Sunvisor with makeup mirror


Front reading lamp



Front/rear ashtry/frontcigarette lighter


Cup holder of front/rear row


Rear row center armrest


Center glove boxes


Halogen Headlamps


Front fog lamp


Rear fog lamp


Inner etiquette lamp


High position stop lamp


Inner ceiling lamp


LED tail lamp


Rear anti-collision radar



CD+Radio+SD+Visual rear anti-collision radar








6 horns loudspeaker


Combination instrument lighting adjustment


Remote control keyless


Simultaneous selection can be canceled from the LX, EX

Auto lighting headlamp

Electronic anti-theft system


Automatically closing windows system


Electric sunroof

The choice will bring the remote keyless entry

Delay off headlights

Central-control door lock


Steering wheel with audio control



Full automatic A/C


Semi-automatic A/C


The air conditioning cancel cold retention heater

Tire type and specification speed levels195/60R15 T


Full dimension spare tire( steel wheel hub


Steel rim


Aluminum alloy wheel rim

Four-wheel disc brake( front vented discs /rear solid disc )


Printing antenna of rear windscreen (built-in)


Chromeplate airinlet grille+Chromeplate outer handle


Natural color airinlet grille+Homochromy outer handle

Chromeplate inner handle


Electric window (front/rear)


Electric adjusting rearview mirror (with steering lamp)


Abblendbar inner rearview mirror


Mud tailguard of front/rear wheel 


Rear windscreen defros


Inner rear trunk , outside opening


Inner opening of oil tank lid


Headlamp upper and lower adjusting


Heated outside mirror


Slush molding instrument panel


Engine decorative cover


Engine immobilizer



Emission standard: Euro III (sun Tektronix)

One of three

Emission standard: EuroIV(sun Tektronix)

Emission standard: Euro IV (Delphi)

Retrofitting 120KM overspeed alarm device


Shifting flexible shaft