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Security & Safety

360°passive safety

The vehicle passive safety mainly depends on the body structure and the effectiveness of the interior restraint devices (such as seat belts and airbags). LIFAN720 adopts a high-strength body design and six airbags rarely used among its peers, to provide the passengers with a 360° comprehensive protection in the event of traffic accidents and greatly reduce the degree of passenger injuries.
  • High-rigidity safety body

    LIFAN720 adopts an all-metal sealed chassis and body integral construction, with the left and right side doors provided with high-strength beams to fight against side collision, so that the safety of the body structure could be ensured and the C-NCAP collision resistance could reach the five-star standard. Buffer materials are filled between the front bumper and the anti-collision beams to protect the pedestrians. LIFAN720 uses the hot forming technology for stamping parts, with the steel plate strength up to 1200MPA or above, which can not only ensure the safety factor, but also achieve the light weight of the complete vehicle.
  • Crash sensing automatic unlocking

    LIFAN720 is equipped with the function of crash sensing automatic unlocking, and under certain strength of impact, the central lock can be automatically unlocked, so that the occupants could escape as quickly as possible and get rescue in time of emergency to avoid further injuries.
  • Energy-absorbing steering pillar

    LIFAN720 uses a collapsible steering pillar, in time of any frontal collision, when the driver is thrown forward to hit the steering wheel due to frontal collision, the corrugated pillar of the steering gear box will instantaneously collapse and quickly reduce the impact strength, so as to minimize injuries to the driver's chest.
  • Six airbags

    The vehicle safety has become one of the important indexes for car buyers due to more and more traffic accidents. The number of airbags, as the most important passive safety equipment, has become a symbol for quality safety performance of a vehicle to a certain extent. LIFAN720 is equipped with 6 airbags, so that more comprehensive protection could be provided to the passengers.
  • Automatic internal air circulation

    The internal air circulation mode can be switched automatically, but in about 30 minutes after you have enabled the internal circulation, the system will automatically switch to its external circulation to replace the air inside the car, so that you could breathe fresh air at any time.

360°active safety

The reliable safety and people orientation is always the pursuit of LIFAN vehicles. LIFAN 720 not only inherits the traditional safety design of LIFAN, but also pays more attention to more novel and more humanized safety design, which makes LIFAN720 more prominent in performance among its peers.
  • Willow leaf LED projector headlamps

    LIFAN 720 uses projector headlamps, with thick convex lenses provided at the front, which can make the beams more concentrated and the brightness more evenly distributed to greatly facilitate your safe driving at night.
  • Standard front fog lamps and self-adaptive headlamps

    LIFAN 720 headlamps use the “Follow Me Home” lighting function to delay lighting for a certain time after you have locked your car, so this is a very practical function at night.
  • LED integrated striking taillight

    The wide LED taillights are of higher brightness than ordinary light bulbs, featuring fast response, long service life, high luminous efficiency, no radiation and low power consumption, which looks beautiful and can improve the information security of the complete vehicle.
  • Wide rearview mirrors

    The outside rearview mirrors of LIFAN720 are very similar in the design style to many Mercedes-Benz models, boasting a large area of the mirror surface, which can improve the rear view, effectively prevent the visual dead zone and greatly improve the driving safety.
  • Reversing video system

    With the increase of vehicles, parking has become more and more difficult, with higher and higher requirements for reversing skills. To further reduce the parking pressure, LIFAN720 is equipped with an advanced reversing video system, so that the driver could directly see the rear real scene on the screen, which has greatly increased the reversing safety and convenience.
  • Four-channel / four-sensor ABS+EBD

    Equipped with the most advanced 4-channel /4-sensor ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), when the vehicle is running on a slippery road or suffering from emergency braking at a bend, each wheel can be ensured to have its direction kept stable, which can greatly enhance the braking safety and reliably avoid the risk of runout in time of braking. With a cooperative EBD (electronic brake force distribution system) provided, when the vehicle is in an emergency brake, the EBD can precisely distribute the braking force of the front and rear wheels according to the number of passengers in the car, able to effectively reduce the braking distance and avoid the danger of sideslip and drifting.

Excellent high-speed stabilityComfortable and durable suspension system and solid chassis system

1. LIFAN720 adopts the front Mcpherson / rear torsion overhang, which is often used in intermediate cars for the pursuit of comfort. In time of continuous turning, the body sidesway is controlled in a very limited range and the damping effect is obvious, which has increased the comfort and safety.
2. The rear axle adopts a unique hydraulic molding process, which is a unique technology at home and currently has not yet been used in the independent brand cars. Moreover, for the car itself, the durability of the chassis and the comfort of the complete vehicle can be greatly enhanced.
3. LIFAN720 boasts a solid chassis and excellent high-speed running stability, able to provide you with perfect security.
Strong Power
LIFAN720 is equipped with the 1.8CVVT engine independently researched and developed by LIFAN, boasting the maximum power up to 98KW and the maximum torque of 168NM, which can achieve sufficient power, and after tests, it has excellent climbing performance. In order to meet the requirements of such consumers in favor of stronger power, LIFAN has been developing the 720 1.4T models, which are expected to be on sale soon.


The appearance has its formed body and sleek lines perfectly integrated, boasting powerful and muscular shoulder characteristics, as well as unique design of a ship-like body, to make it rich in nobleness and vitality.
  • 1.Smooth engine hood
    LIFAN 720 uses a full and smooth engine hood, with the lines along both sides adding its muscular sense, as well as nobleness and soundness of the complete vehicle.LIFAN 720 is designed similar to middle and high ranking cars, with the windscreen washer nozzles hidden underneath the engine hood, so it not only looks beautiful, but also is difficult to be blocked, and can effectively reduce the wind resistance and noise.
  • 2.Peltate chrome-plated front grille
    The innovative design of the peltate chrome-plated front grille features naturally extended lines, with the whole air inlet provided with multi-spoke chrome-plated trims, to form a peltate noble and unique face, boasting nobleness and prudence, as well as a dynamic sense.
  • 3.Noble and sound body
    LIFAN 720 has smooth styling lines to highlight its nobleness and prudence, the waist lines are designed similar to BMW 5 series to achieve more dignified and steady sides, and moreover, the chrome-plated window trims are provided to further enhance the high-grade temperament of the complete vehicle.
  • 4.Willow leaf projector headlamps
    LIFAN 720 uses willow leaf shaped headlamps, boasting simple beauty, fashionable characteristics and striking nobleness, fairly similar to the headlamps of the newly-marketed Mercedes-Benz Class-B cars.LIFAN 720 uses projector headlamps and LED width lamps, which are not only fashionable, but also magnificent and beautiful, to have greatly enhanced the driving safety.
  • 5.Wide chrome-plated air inlet
    LIFAN 720 adopts the design of a wide chrome-plated air inlet, fairly similar to the latest BMW 5 series, the lines along both sides are naturally extending upward, and the transverse chrome-plated trims are horizontally decorated adjacent to the fog lamps on both sides, to achieve stylish and noble modeling, as well as smoother air intake.
  • 6.16-inch bi-color ten-spoke dynamic aluminum hubs
    LIFAN 720 adopts well-textured 16-inch bi-color ten-spoke aluminum hubs, being an exclusive bi-color design among its peers, which has enhanced its side dynamic sense. Moreover, the ten-spoke aluminum hubs currently most fashionable have perfectly integrated the noble business temperament, which not only can have the hubs kept bright for long, but also looks more beautiful and attractive.
  • 7.Well-textured chrome-plated trims + piano finish pillar B
    LIFAN 720 has its windows decorated with chrome-plated trims, the pillar B adopts the piano finish of high brightness, and such high-quality design elements are used to strengthen the high-grade quality of LIFAN 720 and highlight its nobleness and fashionable characteristics.
  • 8.LED integrated striking taillights
    LIFAN 720 has its LED taillights of a wide and concise style corresponding to the headlamps; the taillight case has its color deepened, which has not only enhanced its decorous feeling and have its rear more steady and noble, and moreover, its wide LED light source module can show its fashion and beauty, and greatly enhance the driving safety.The interiors of LIFAN 720 use a composite structure and a novel design to find a very good balance point between space and beauty. Moreover, its interior color based on the overall gray tone, with its vast chrome-plated trims, has perfectly balanced its nobleness, business characteristics, fashionable elements and dynamic feeling.
  • 9.Two-color interiors
    LIFAN 720 interiors adopt the internationally popular two-color design, similar to BMW 5 series in style, with the dashboard extending to the door panel, which has intensified the sense of space inside the car. The deep and light two colors are matched with the composed temperament, as well as the fresh and comfortable internal environment integrated to highlight its elegance and sophistication.
  • 10.Three-spoke multifunctional steering wheel
    The three-spoke multifunctional steering wheel of LIFAN 720 boasts novel modeling, with the black and silver matched, not only to achieve clear arrangement, but also to show more sense of movement; the multi-functional keys on both sides can facilitate operation of the AV equipment during driving. In addition, the steering wheel can be manually adjusted up and down to facilitate the people of different driving habits.
  • 11.Huge eye-catching dashboard
    The dashboard of LIFAN 720 uses a three-ring mutually-connected design with the middle one bigger than the two side ones, and the electronic traffic information is displayed on the right instrument to show us a novel and unique design, boasting richer information and more intuitive sense. The red and white dashboard lights can not only manifest its fashionable elements, but also greatly clarify the relevant information.
  • 12.Compound peltate console
    The LIFAN 720 console is designed fairly similar to that of Accord-8 series, boasting smooth lines on the whole, clear arrangement and rational division. Moreover, its big functional buttons can greatly facilitate your operation only if you move your sight slightly, so the driving safety can be significantly enhanced.

The space expression of a car is closely related to the driving comfort, and LIFAN 720 boasts more spacious interior space due to its maximum body size and wheel base among its peers.

1. Maximum dimensional length and wheel base among its peers
LIFAN 720 is 4.7 meters long, with the wheel base and tread of 2.7 meters and 1.52 meters respectively, inheriting the “MM” design concept of X60 (i.e. the design concept of the maximum riding space but minimum machinery occupancy) and spacious and comfortable space for riding.

2. Widest back-row space among its peers
LIFAN 720 provides the maximum riding space among its peers to have the rear passengers feel more comfortable and convenient due to rational utilization of its long wheel base and ingenious interior layout, as well as flat floor design and wide rear seats.LIFAN 720 boasts a spacious trunk storage space, up to 620L, and at the same time, LIFAN 720 also has readily accessible storage space.

3. Most storage space among its peers
LIFAN 720 has sufficient storage space inside: The front central armrest is provided with a deep storage box, the roof with a glasses box, the front and rear door internal fenders with a cup holder respectively, and each seat back with a storage bag to greatly facilitate your comfort.

4. Most applicable spacious trunk among its peers
LIFAN 720 boasts a large trunk (620L), which is optimal among its peers. The convenient ground clearance and wide trunk opening can provide more convenience. The rear seats can also be folded according to the proportion of 6:4, so that the trunk and the rear space could be reasonably combined to accommodate larger and longer baggage, and have its space used more flexibly.

LIFAN 720 adopts a brand-new CAN-BUS network control system. This system is a local CAN network control mode in middle and high ranking cars. LIFAN 720 having 13 controllers adopting the CAN network communication, the information can be shared; compared with the traditional wire-to-wire connection, it has achieved a qualitative leap in failure rate, control precision and speed, and the car service life and complete safety have been greatly improved due to its simpler maintenance and less cost.

1. Keyless entry system
LIFAN 720 adopts a smart key. As long as you carry the key on you approaching your car, the door can be opened or closed when you touch its handle gently, which can greatly facilitate your operation.The keyless entry system can greatly facilitate your driving, and the engine can be started only if you turn the key gently to have you enjoy the driving convenience brought by the intelligent technology.

2. Full-automatic thermostatic air conditioning
LIFAN 720 is equipped with a full-automatic thermostatic air conditioning system rarely adopted among its peers. Its cooling, heating and ventilation functions are integrated. When its automatic control mode is selected, the computer can realize real-time control of the air-conditioning system to automatically adjust the appropriate temperature, humidity and air flow, provide the most comfortable climate environment inside your car and have you enjoy its high-tech humane care and high control accuracy (up to ± 1℃).

3. Voice electronic navigation system
The LIFAN 720 voice electronic navigation system uses the global positioning system (GPS) integrated with the car-mounted speed sensor and gyroscope (an instrument to detect the vehicle running direction), and even if you are driving in tunnels with radio waves not available or in the shade of tall buildings, the accuracy of navigation can be ensured. During driving, you do not need to look at the map for long, and the system will correctly guide you by means of “voice prompts” to ensure that you could drive attentively, safely and smoothly.

4. Advanced MP4 audio and video system
LIFAN 720 adopts the internationally popular 2-DIN Hi-Fi sound system, its large display screen and buttons can facilitate your identification and operation during driving, the 6 speakers can create a beautiful surround sound effect, and you can enjoy the driving pleasure in wonderful music and songs at any time and place. Moreover, an MP3/MP4 data interface is provided to optimally satisfy your DIY in music.

Parameter of Lifan 720

Vehicle modelLF7185/LF7185CLF7185D/LF7185E
Production modelLF7185/LF7185CLF7185D/LF7185E
The basic parameters
Dimension L×W×H (mm)4700×1765×1490
Wheelbase (mm)2700
Tread (front/rear) (mm)1520/1520
Min. Turning radius (m)11
Min. Ground clearance(mm)170(no load)
Front/rear suspension(mm)960/1040
Curb mass(kg)1265
Total mass (kg)1690
Trunk volume(L)620
The engine
Displacement (L)1.8 VVT
Max. power (kW/rpm)98(6000r/min)
Max. torque (N·m/rpm)168(4200-4400r/min)
100 km fuel consumption (L)
Fuel tank capacity (L)55
emissions standards National IV/National VNational IV/National V
Chassis system
Steering gear typeHydraulic power steering
Front overhangingMcPherson independent suspension
Rear overhangingTorsion beam rear independent suspension
Brake type(front/rear)Front disc, rear disc
Tyre size205 55/R16
LIFAN 720 Configuration

Configuration items

 LX Standard 






Driver and front passenger airbags 



Front side airbags+ side air curtains 








Driver's seatbelt unfastened warning 



Front passenger's seatbelt unfastened warning (with passenger recognition)


Driver 6-way seat with manual adjustment 



Faux leather seat 



Standard steering wheel 



Multi-function steering wheel 

Leather multi-function steering wheel 

Power sunroof 



Reversing radar 



MP5 A/V system + reversing camera + GPS navigation (without map and SD card)



6 speakers 


Electric air conditioner 



Automatic air conditioner 


Aluminum alloy wheel hub



Steel wheel rim  + Decorative Cover

Front power windows 



Rear power windows 




Exterior rearview mirror with electrical control 



Exterior rearview mirror with heating function 


Front and rear mudflaps 



Driverseat with heating functioni 


Engine hood 



Keyless entry


Lower protecting steel plate of engine