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Lifan 720 1.5L Launches in Canton Auto Show


On November 21st, 11th China (Canton) International Auto Show opened. Lifan Motors, taking her 15 models, made a stage pose at the show. After the synchronous launching of Lifan 330, Lifan 530 and Lifan 630 in Lhasa in October, Lifan Motors brought a brand-new model—720 1.5L at the show, thus the full extension of Lifan Motors model lines has completed.

The management of Lifan Motors said, at least two new models will be introduced each year in future product development. Currently Lifan Motors has programmed abundant products that there are not only minicars and compact cars, the model 820 which highly positioned is now under development. Besides, LIFAN will also develop MPV and SUV. Based on present X60 model, SUV models will be launched, such as compact crossover SUV which may be named X50, and the highly positioned model may be named X80. Currently planned new products X50 and 820 will be introduced in the first half year of 2014.