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Chinese Government Officer Inspected Lifan Motors in Ethiopia


On September 15th, the secretary of China Secretariat of the Central Committee Zhao Hongzhu inspected HAWASSA Sales Store of Lifan Motors in Ethiopia.

General Manager of Yangfan Motors Liu Jiang reported to Zhao for Lifan Motors overseas development and strategy planning. After hearing that the exportation of Lifan Motors covers 50% of whole business, Zhao was very pleased and said,”Lifan did an earlier exportation job, what you should do is to stick on Going Out strategy. It is quite delightful that we can see much more Chinese auto brands at abroad.

Liu Jiang introduced, since the establishment of Lifan factory in Ethiopia in 2009, the market shares of Lifan cars cover over 50%, of which the product line expands to 8 models. Lifan Motors, as a large-scale Chinese auto enterprise invested in Ethiopia, adapts itself to local culture and undertake social responsibilities, winning recognition from Ethiopian government and people. Secretary Zhao said courteously, “More enterprises start going out, thus the market becomes intensely competitive. You are the constructor and also the envoy of peace, what you represent is not only enterprise, but also the image of our nation. Making good quality, sincere to your customer, close to your customer and understanding your customer’s demands will make you never fail.”

Then secretary Zhao test drove Lifan new SUV Lifan X60, and praised that,”pretty good.” Meanwhile, he earnestly enjoined,” The enterprise must fit in with local situations, do market research and understand local people’s living standard and situations. Small-displacement vehicles and tricycles with super quality and competitive price can be brought to Ethiopia.”