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Russian Media Delegation Visits LIFAN


 On October 9th, Russian media delegation paid a visit to Lifan passenger vehicle base. The delegation visited stamping and assembly workshop of Lifan Motors. The board chairman of Lifan Group Yin Mingshan and president Shang You received the media delegation and made an interview.

During the interview, Yin showed warm welcome to Russian media friends and was very glad to see their visit and experience Lifan cars. Yin said, Russia was a great country with large auto market. That was why LIFAN chose Russia to establish factory and set up the first direct sales 4S store in Russia among all Chinese auto brands. In recent years, the exportation of Lifan Motors in Russia keeps ranking top3 among Chinese auto brands, “It has something to do with the straightforward characteristics of Russian people. Russian consumers attach importance on the auto performance. They will buy products with good performance and high cost performance but not the brand, which facilitates Russia becoming one of the largest overseas markets of Lifan Motors.


Russian media delegation test drove several lifan cars including 820 and X50. The delegation members are much interested in the new cars. With the development tendency from two drive to four drive, Lifan Motors is also under development, and in the near future, Lifan four-drive car will be launched in Russian market. Lifan will also design more models to meet local demand in Russia.