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Lifan Motors Invites Overseas Service Provider for Training in China


From November 11th to 14th, service providers from Brazil, Peru and Chile came to Lifan Motors to take part in the new car technology training of Lifan Motors. The training covers new models LF530 and LF720 as well as new product technical feature and maintenance skill.

The overseas service providers taking part in the training are all practiced after-sales manager and technical director of secondary service provider. During the 4-day training, overseas service provider representative had a systematic theoretic learning and practice in the aspect of auto engine, electronic control system and bodywork electric appliance. In allusion to the demand from representatives, after-sales service center makes the training focusing on new car LF530, mainly instructing newly equipped UAES engine fuel injection management system and making corresponding practice in allusion to circuit reading and fault diagnosis.


With the expansion of Lifan Motors overseas market, the demand for overseas service is higher. Besides after-sales service team dispatched by Lifan, it is of great necessity to invite service representative of distributor to train in China. The training this time is mainly in allusion to South American market, Russia, Iran and some other markets will also be covered in order to make full preparation for new car launching. Meanwhile, one-time repairing rate improvement training will be held in succssion depending on new car launching situation, making full preparation for winning the market.