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The Journalist Delegation from Kazakhstan and the Republic of Belarus Paid a Visit to LIFAN


On October 14, the journalist delegation of the mainstream media from Kazakhstan and the Republic of Belarus paid a visit to LIFAN. They visited the departments of manufacturing, research and technology, and had the test drive of Lifan820, Lifan X50 and Lifan new energy cars. After the test drive, they took part in a meeting for exchange. The media delegation said, the speedy development of LIFAN was really amazing.

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During the test drive, the journalists showed their great interest in Lifan820 and they praised its good appearance and performance. The journalists drove Lifan new energy cars with strong interest and gave a high praise.

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At the meeting, the vice general manager of Lifan Motors Sun Zejun showed warm welcome to the journalist and was very joyful to have them visit LIFAN. Sun said, Kazakhstan and the Republic of Belarus are both very great nation which have large auto markets with great potential. At present LIFAN is facing a new round development opportunity and expects the media to have wider report and promotion and strengthen the communication to boost the joint development and prosperity of LIFAN in local auto market.

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At the Q & A time, the journalists paid great attentions to the brand new mode of Lifan i. Blue1.0 Intelligent Blue Strategy “internet + intelligent car + energy internet”. Sun Zejun gave a detailed elaboration on new energy time-sharing lease, three-minute battery changing technology of pure electric sedan and energy station establishment, and made the reply on the hot issues such as the export and planning of Lifan Motors and how to develop under the economic crisis.