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Russia Media Reviews Lifan X50---- An Irresistible Joy of Driving


Facing the present situation of Russian vehicle business, it’s a serious crisis for some automakers; on the contrary, it’s an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the other automakers to capture more market shares. Well, when some automakers are trying to at most slow down the new cars launch in Russia; the other automakers are continuously bringing new and better models to Russia. There’re not many automakers sturdily like this to support Russian market, and Lifan is one of them.


I, myself, have a fancy of low ground clearance cars, and this time, I test drive a Chinese SUV with an extreme, even harsh attitude. You might be wonder, what conclusion will come out from a test drive journalist who mainly focuses on old-style BMW and Mercedes.


The appearance of Lifan X50 is worth a high compliment, which is unique and original, without any copies from any other cars. Lifan X50 is defined as a young and fashion small SUV, and consumers always compare it to the Renault Sandero Stepway.

Lifan X50 has so many interesting details! The glittering LED lamps make people a bright: Turning signal lamp, Distant headlight, Dipped headlight, Width lamp; they all use LED light source, and also equipped LED daytime running lights. So, do not doubt these visual effects! In contrast to the Christmas tree, X50 is way much better and brighter, and it also takes consideration to both fashionable and safety.

The stereoscopic dual color blade-like wheel hubs add more toughness to the X50, and you don’t need to cost money to buy any other wheel hubs. The luggage-rack is also full of personality, which gives X50 an ‘itch for a try’ dynamic.

When it comes to the quality, the body paint of Lifan X50 is absolutely with high quality, and the whole body has no big clearances at the seams. A year and half ago, for some personal interest, I have visited a multi-brand vehicles showroom, where has many Chinese brand cars, and most of them are main competitors to Lifan; but their assembly quality were lag far behind Lifan. At that time, people already said yes to those Chinese brands, so does Lifan.


The same as its appearance, the interior of X50 has no sign of imitation at all. What’s more, Lifan strictly adheres to Russian consumers’ preferences, adopt black design interior; and the interior assembly quality is also highly praised by the competitors.

Of course, a car cannot be perfect in every respect, so does X50. For example, the design of X50 rear seat is a little bit unreasonable, but the passengers can get a comfortable sitting position by only adjust a little, which is quite like the Audi TT; and the legroom is quite big. The trunk space is big enough to hold two suitcases, which is 40 litres more than the Renault Sandero Stepway.

The X50 is very rich in the configuration: Seat heating, ABS+EBD (BOSCH 9.0), ESP, TCS, BAS, Alloy wheels, A/C, 4 loudspeakers, AUX+USB, Front airbags; all these configuration are included in the X50 TX. The high configuration contains more: Side airbags, Power sunroof, Multi-media touch screen and rear camera.

The leather seats and made-in-China headrests of X50 are very comfortable. I can responsibly say, at the first 250 km of my test driving, I feel no uncomfortable at all; Of course, I’m not that kind of subjective person, who is as subjective as captious. The dashboard design is very trendy. It has a giant display screen. There is the speedometer in the middle, and the fuel gauge and tachometer are on the sides. Each screen is bright and clear, even the twinkling odometer number cannot bother you.

Driving experience:
For a driving fun enthusiast, it is quite needy to get a 5MT Lifan X50. The Lifan X50 carry a 1.5 litre, intelligent variable 4-cylinder-valve engine, Max power 76kW (103Ps)/6000rpm, horse power is stronger than normal sedans; so it has an 11s 0-100km/h acceleration.

The test drive was held in the beautiful Altai Mountains. I galloped on the asphalt road and have my fling with the Lifan X50. Maybe you are disbelief and doubt, you insist on believing that a Chinese car cannot have such driving fun. Well, you are so much misunderstood! X50 deed can give me quite driving fun! I drove smoothly on the twisting mountain road; I swerved neatly at every corner. It is worth mentioning that, the braking ability of X50 is very great; I have suddenly stopped several times when the speed is over 100km/h, and the brake works very well; as you know, there were so many flocks of sheep or cow suddenly came out of nowhere in the mountain. After my whole test drive, the ECU showed that the X50’s consumption is 8.5 litres of 92# gasoline; after such violent type of driving, I have to say that the fuel consumption performance of X50 is really good.

People always say, do not let a journalist test drive a SUV, unless you make them promise not to drive a precursor SUV to cross a river or directly into the woods, but they won’t listen to you. So, when we test drive Lifan X50, we almost tried everything we can to test this car’s performance, and it runs very well on every type of road except for a swamp, where the X50 stuck in, but who would like to drive his car into that kind of place? Normally, a precursor car cannot guarantee a fine passing ability, but Lifan X50 has the biggest ground clearance among all Lifan vehicles, 185mm, which means a bigger ground clearance than Lifan X60. So, please do not compare X50 to other ‘Pseudo SUVs’.

How do you think of this Lifan X50? If you want a vehicle combining rich in configuration, drive flexible, good in passing ability and with fashionable appearance, then Lifan X50 is worth to buy. Lifan X50 5MT/TX, 499,900RUB, Lifan X50 5MT/LX, 549,900RUB; if you want a CVT version, add only 4,000RUB, you can take it home.

In comparison, a Renault Sandero Stepway MT High configuration is 100,000RUB more expensive than the X50. Does it worth to pay the French so much money? Or just endure a little bit of the little uncomfortable of X50 rear seats? At this moment it seems unnecessary to discuss which one is a better choice, as the answer is obvious. All you need to know is, the whole Russian vehicle market is in a recession now, and our consumers can find such a good car like Lifan X50 is just a bless.