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Lifan 2-0 Shenxin 30000 Football Fans Witness the Successful Relegation Avoidance


On October 18, with the heavy rain, Lifan football team, at the home field, was against Shanghai Shenxin football team which has already fallen to China League One. Lifan successfully fighted against the relegation with an emphatic vitory. Chongqing Lifan, fighting for many years in Chinese football top league history, kicked off Shanghai Shenxin with 2:0 by Gigliotti and Fernando, having successfully fought against the relegation. After defeating Shanghai Shenxin, Lifan got the ninth victory at this season with 34 scores, all of which has broken the records since going in for Chinese Football Association Super League.


Chinese Football Association Super League, CSL for short, is the top level professional football league in Chinese mainland.