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Lifan Motors Joins in Russian E-business Cooperating with AliExpress to Test at 11.11 Shopping Fes


On November 2, Lifan Motors Russia, together with AliExpress held the press conference in Moscow, announcing Lifan Motors officially settles in AliExpress which belongs to Alibaba Group. The official flagship store of Lifan Motors in AliExpress will begin the business on November 11, and completely launch the 11.11shoping festival, bringing brand new car purchasing experience for Russian customers. As the first auto manufacturer trying the auto e-business in Russia, the official launching of Lifan Motors flagship store in AliExpress does not only indicate that Lifan Motors broaden the e-business platform for simultaneous operation, but also is the brand new exploit for auto brand making use of O2O mode.


As learned, there will be 11 auto products on line in the AliExpress flagship store in Russia, including all the models sold in Russia. Subject to the technique on payment and logistics, Lifan Motors will firstly adopt the O2O mode integrating the internet with 4S store, namely the customers will finish the whole purchase through online ordering, offline experience and collection.


Lifan Motors, through cooperating with AliExpress, taking advantage of the 11.11 shopping festival, dedicating LifanX50, LifanX60 and X60 New models, brings the discount coupon for purchasing Lifan cars. That is the customers can buy the discount coupon for the value of 500p. and 1000p. which can be used in Lifan Motors sales store. The customer will not only have the deduction of 10000p. value for car purchasing, but also can enjoy other preferential policies that Lifan Motors currently carries in. “We do hope such mode can make customers enjoy the online convenience, which can make customers have enough time to experience the product, but also integrate the strength of dealers, providing potential customers and intent customers with professional and complete service.” said the general manager of Russian Direct Sales Company of Lifan Motors Sun Zejun.


Sun Zejun said, the auto e-business surely will come into the irresistible reality. As the first one selling cars online in Russian auto industry, Lifan will seize the opportunity, fighting in such incult fertile soil, and regard the e-business as one of the most important marketing channels. “The current situation of Russia makes Lifan pay more attentions on the internet thought. 11.11 sales coupon is not only a warm up, following we will completely bring into auto e-business mode, sell whole unit and after-sales parts etc., providing customers with one-stop service including selecting cars, making test drive and purchasing.


As learned, Lifan Motors said before, the cross-border e-business will be the important supplementary of the international strategy of Lifan Motors, which will take the advantage of the channel of cross-border e-business channel to efficiently integrate the resource and market. Alibaba is the largest e-business enterprise in the world. Lifan Motors has a long-term and sound cooperation with Alibaba and has started the auto sales store in TMALL e-business website which belongs to Alibaba, carrying out the cooperation in the field of whole unit sales, auto finance and auto after-sales market service. In light of the report of TNS, the AliExpress has been the No.1 e-business website in Russia.