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Eighth! Lifan Creates Its Best Record in CSL!


On October 31, 2015 Chinese Football Association Super League finished the competition. Lifan 1-1 Tianjin Taida at the home field, winning the best historical record with No.8.


What a compassionate home game Lifan played! Only 2 minutes after the start, Lifan has conceded a goal, under this circumstance, the veteran Wang Dong stood out, and showed his long shot outside the restricted, 1:1! Lifan fans were wild with joy by this goal! Then, Lifan showed its aggressive offensive, and a fierce competition between both sides lasted till the end of first half. When it came to the second half, Lifan’s tactic remains the same, Leijer and Luo Xin shot two very aggressive goals, which made Taida players in a cold sweat from fear. Near the end of the game, when two Lifan players Luo Xin and Chen Lei doing the same clearance kick, they hit together and blood flowed on the pitch, and after the game, both of them were sent to hospital for stitch. At last, Taida used dilatory tactic till the end of the game, and Lifan had no chance to rewrite the score.


After the game, Lifan football fans all gave Lifan coaches and players thumbs up, and pulled banners like ‘Thank you, Wang Dong!’, ‘Thank you, Sun!’, ‘iGracias! iGigliotti!’ on the stand. Lifan chief coach Wang Baoshan made a conclusion of the team after a whole season, “Chinese football top league should have a place for Chongqing Lifan! Thank you, Chongqing football fans, thank you for keeping support to us when we had a huge problem at the beginning of the year, and when we had bad performances at the first several games. Next year, I hope Lifan can perform better than this year to reciprocate our fans!”