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Lifan Firstly Launches New Energy Car Leasing Mobile Phone Ordering for Settlement


On November 11, a brand new trip mode commenced from Chongqing. The leasing platform of new energy car—Pand Auto which belongs to Lifan Group was officially on line, starting the time-sharing business of new energy car. The leasing expanse for 19Yuan per hour and at most 99Yuan a day, as well as the pure electric car driving experience, make the project much more attracting.


As learned, Pand Auto launched the time-sharing leasing business at the main areas in Chongqing. The first cars put into operation are Lifan 330EV which has over 200km driving mileage at full charge. Introduced by the officer of Chongqing Pand Auto Leasing Company, 45 time-sharing leasing stations and 300 cars are put into service, mainly concentrating on Liangjiang New Area and North New Area in Chongqing. There will be 100 time-sharing leasing stations put into operation this year, fully covering the main business areas and tripping areas in Chongqing.


Different from the ordinary fuel car which need conduct complicated procedures, all the operations of Pand Auto time sharing is completed at mobile phone APP which abandons completed car using procedures. One button start makes customers experience the most convenient car using service. The Pand Auto APP can realize remote booking, collecting car nearby, mobile phone unlocking, returning cars at nearby station and mobile payment etc. The citizens can search Pand Auto at the app stores to download Pand Auto APP. Through the easy registration and verification, the citizens can use the time-sharing leasing service from Pand Auto.

As introduced, in allusion to the people worrying about the lack of electricity while driving, all cars of Pand Auto are installed internet of things + internet monitoring system. Customers can catch sight of the timely electric quantity and remained range through both APP and the car. The background of the company will also send the reminder while the electric quantity is in a low status. Once the electric quantity falls to the critical line, there will be Pand staff connecting the customer to make sure the battery changing place and sending electricity to the place. Meanwhile, with the establishment of Lifan energy station, customers can directly go to the energy station for battery changing in the future which is more convenient and only costs several minutes.

It is said, at the beginning of next year, Pand Auto will popularize the new energy car leasing business respectively in Chengdu, Hangzhou, Beijing and Henan. In the future, besides the time-sharing leasing, Pand Auto will also launch monthly lease, yearly lease, group lease and even the customized lease business.

As the plan of Pand Auto, within the foreseeable time, Pand Auto will launch driverless function. Relying on the car networking, driverless driving technology, if the citizens want to use car leasing service, Pand Auto will automatically drive to your appointed place through ordering on mobile phone APP or the internet.