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The Prize Quiz for the Largest Package in the World A Lucky Woman Won a LifanX50


On November 10, the winner goes to the 1111th person who has got the right answer for the grand prize quiz “to guess the largest package in the world” . Svetlana, from Voronezh, attracted all the attentions and drove away his big prize LifanX50 on the eve of global 11.11 shopping festival.

The large package which has a LifanX50 inside is placed in the large shopping mall EVROPEIKSY in Moscow. During the six-day prize quiz, the activity has got active support and enthusiastic attendance from Russian citizens. According to the statistics, there are 2.6 million people taking part in the prize quiz, and 300 thousand Russian customers have downloaded the auto mobile phone game which is jointly developed by AliExpress and Lifan Russia.

The winner Svetlana works at a small private company in Voronezh. When she knew that she had got the big prize, she came away to Moscow with her husband. Lifan Motors and SPSR Company together presented the key of LifanX50 Luxury as the prize to the lucky women. During the interview, Svetlana was very excited and said that it was totally a big surprise to get the prize.

As learned, Lifan Motors Russia prepared a lot of surprise to the customers at the 11.11 shopping festival. Besides the prize quiz, downloading and sharing the auto mobile phone can also have the opportunity of winning LifanX50. Playing games for winning the scores can also exchange the 11.11 coupon. Meanwhile, Lifan Motors AliExpress official flagship store opened on November 11. The customers can buy the coupon value of 500p. and 1000p.. which can be used in the sales store of Lifan Motors. The coupon can not only deduct the purchase value of 10000p., but also can enjoy other preferential policies. Lifan Motors will bring Russian customers brand new car purchasing experience.