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1000 Lifan Electric Transportation Cars Are Put into Operation


Lately, Lifan Motors has delivered 1000 pure electric transportation cars at new energy industrial park in North New Area, Chongqing. All the cars are brand new Foison EVs which have the driving range of 200km for one charge, meeting the daily transportation demand.

As learned, the development, production and promotion of Chongqing pure electric transportation cars emerges very rapidly and has a marked effect. The new energy transportation cars are jointly made by Lifan Motors, Chongqing Zhongli New Energy and China Automotive Engineering Research Institute which will put into operation to the logistics companies including China Post, SF Express and STO Express, having been the largest project for putting into operation in Chongqing. The 1000 EVs which have been put into operation do not only respond to the early promotion, but also indicate the bright future for the development and application of Chongqing new energy cars.