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Brazilian Outstanding Dealers Came to Visit China


On November 11, Lifan Motors, invited Brazilian outstanding dealers, with 13 people in total, to pay a visit to Lifan headquarter in Chongqing. Both parties carried out the business communication in face of current situations and difficulties. The president of Lifan Group and general manager of Lifan Import and Export Company Mu Gang, Executive vice general manager of Lifan Import and Export Company Wang Juhui and the vice general manager Huang Zhen were present at the conference.


At the conference, the executive vice general manager of Lifan Import and Export Company Wang Juhui showed warm welcome to Brazilian outstanding dealers. Wang said, Brazil was the most important strategic market for Lifan in South America. The quality and brand of Lifan Motors has got the recognition from the market. Lifan will fully provide support. The president of Lifan Group Mu Gang said, Lifan was grateful to Brazilian dealers who are Lifan’s most precious fortune. Though currently Lifan is facing difficulties and the auto market is in depression, Lifan Motors is still confident in Brazilian market and will stick to forward South American strategy. He hoped that the dealers could keep tacit cooperation with Lifan Motors and jointly overcome the difficulties. Both parties had further communications in the aspect of the development prospect of Brazil, new product, after-sales service and exchange rate.


In order to make Brazilian dealers closely experience Lifan Motors, the dealers are invited to visit the manufacturing base and R & D center of Lifan Motors. And they had the test drive of Lifan brand new models. The dealers gave high praise to the mature technology, nice design and comfortable operation of Lifan820, X80, X60 CVT and new energy cars. All of them expect Lifan new cars to launch in Brazil as soon as possible.


As learned, the total sales of top10 dealers have contributed above half sales of Lifan in Brazil. Lifan Motors Brazil specially organized outstanding dealers to come to China. Besides visiting the manufacturing base of Lifan Motors in Chongqing, the dealers will travel to Xi’an which is the city full of long history and culture in China.