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Lifan Motors Firstly Cooperating with AliExpress in Russia Thirty-five Cars Were Sold


The Russian auto market in 2015 is picking up after experiencing the depression. As per the news of Lifan Motors AliExpress flagship store, by November 27, thirty-five Lifan cars have been sold and there are amount of orders waiting for payment. As the first auto manufacturer cooperating with e-commerce in Russia, Lifan Motors, making O2O operation pattern to combine network with 4S store, firstly achieved the success. Lifan Motors leads Russian auto industry to jointly create the E-commerce Time, which has created the brand new mode of marketing in the depressed auto market.


On November 11, Lifan Motors AliExpress flagship store was officially on line, indicating that Lifan Motors has expanded the e-commerce platform and will operate simultaneously. “E-commerce platform will form a new sales direction, namely the e-commerce + dealer, which will make Lifan work along both lines. We hope it is a good trying which will bring fresh vitality to the sales mode.”said the general manager of Lifan Motors Russia. “Through the O2O mode for ordering online, experiencing and collecting cars off line to finish the purchase, get through the upstream and downstream of industry chain, and realize the integration and linkage of online and offline resources. We do believe that this kind of mode will boom the auto e-commerce ecological chain.

As learned, 11 auto products are on line in Lifan Motors AliExpress Russian flagship store, including all the models sold in Russia. Limited to the technique for payment and logistics, Lifan Motors firstly adopts O2O operation mode integrating website with 4S store, and following will comprehensively bring in auto e-commerce mode to sell the whole unit and spare parts, providing customers with one-stop service including visiting, test drive and purchasing.

Currently, Lifan Motors AliExpress Russian flagship store has attracted a lot of attentions through the activity of online purchasing coupon and offline deducting 10000p. when purchasing the car. A lot of customers took part in the activity and shared it to others. Sun Zejun said, it is the brand new experience for Lifan auto brand development. With Lifan Motors online e-commerce marketing system grows mature and systemized, the online and offline cross marketing channel distribution is getting more completed. Multi-channel marketing will generate a bigger market with the mature network sales. “I believe this figure is just the beginning”.