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Three Year’s Striving Makes Dreams Come True


In November 2015, it is the three-year anniversary for the direct sales company of Lifan Motors in Brazil. What is more delighted is that Lifan Motors becomes the monthly sales champion among Chinese brands in the same month. Such proud figures signify Lifan Motors, competing in the huge market in Brazil and leading Chinese auto brands, has become the force to be reckoned with, and it also indicates the bright future with great outlook.


Since establishing the direct sales company in Brazil in 2012, Lifan Motors always takes the customers’ satisfaction as the main target. In the aspect of team building, Lifan Motors devoted to weed out the problematic networks and develop high-quality dealers which attach importance on service. And improve the service level of dealers through trainings to ensure the rights of customers in Brazil. Nowadays, there are 55 dealers of Lifan Motors in Brazil, mostly covering the whole country.


In July, Lifan Motors was praised as the Most Satisfied Chinese Auto Brand of customer satisfaction and complaint website RECLAME AQUI. The customer satisfaction of Lifan Motors in Brazil takes lead of Fiat, Ford, Chevrolet and Volkswagen, ranking ahead of other brands.


In the aspect of product, LifanX60, the mini truck Foison and Lifan530 launched successively. And Lifan X60 facelift was launched this August. All the products are got praises by the market. Lifan X60 has launched in Brazilian market for 2 years, of which the sales take the lead of Chinese brand models in Brazil, and many media give high praise to the safety. Its outstanding quality and service are recognized by the customers. In 2014, Lifan X60 achieved the champions for Chinese model sales and satisfaction. Lifan mini truck Foison, by virtue of its strong power, outstanding carrying capacity, wide space and fashionable appearance, is built as the Rolando food truck. The modified Lifan Foison has successfully broken through the strict controlling of trucks in Sao Paulo which can further explore the market. Since its launching, Lifan Foison tops all Chinese mini trucks for the sales each month.


Though currently Lifan is facing difficulties and the auto market is in depression, Lifan Motors is still confident in Brazilian market and will stick to forward South American strategy. That is due to the unremitting efforts devoted by Lifan Motors during the three years. Each part has reflected the attitude that Lifan Motors is towards Chinese auto manufacturing; each achievement has born the weight of the expectation that Lifan Motors committing to make dreams come true; each recognition has endowed the sturdy power for Lifan Motors stepping forward.