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Lifan Motors Brazil Official Facebook Broke Through 500,000 Fans



Lately, the official Facebook of Lifan Motors Brazil has reached 500,000 fans. With the influence of Lifan Motors Brazil gradually increasing, and all kinds of online and offline splendid activities carried out, the fans of Lifan Motors Brazil official Facebook have rapidly increased from 250,000 to 500,000 which only has spent one year.

From 1 to 500,000, it is just the figure, but it means a lot to Lifan Motors Brazil. For every fan that touched together with Lifan Motors for Parachuting on Mother’s Day, shared together the Wonderful Weekend with My LifanX60, and jointly listened to the self-employed story of Foison foodtruck, the 500,000 fans grow together with Lifan Motors Brazil and witness the popularity of Lifan Motors Brazil.