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Leading Chinese Auto Brands Lifan Motors Bucks the Trend in Brazil


The national automobile dealer association Fenabrave in Brazil announced the sales data in November. Lifan Motors won the monthly sales champion among Chinese auto brands.


The data says, in November, Lifan Motors has registered 412 cars in Brazil, defeating the old rivals Chery and JAC with a greater advantage. By November 30, 2015, Lifan Motors has realized the cumulative sales of 4500 cars, increasing 1.4% compared with the same month in 2014. Under the situation that the sales of Brazilian auto market decreased 24% compared with last year, Lifan bucked the trend,becoming one of the auto brands rarely keeping increasing in Brazilian market.

Lifan Motors currently has three models on sale in Brazil including LifanX60, Foison and Lifan530. Since LifanX60 launching, its outstanding quality and service are fully recognized by customers which has won the sales champion of Chinese auto brands and the champion for satisfaction. And since Lifan minitruck Foison launches, it has kept the No.1 sales among Chinese mini trucks every month.