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The Sales of Russian Auto Market Declined 43% in November Lifan Bucked Up to Be the Most Popular C


The Association of European Business lately announced the new car sales statistics of November in Russian market, which has 43% sharp decline again. Since Lifan Motors grew against the trend in October, Lifan has increased 3% to 1901 cars in November, becoming the Chinese auto enterprise with the highest sales in Russia. From January to November, the sales of Lifan Motors are up to 12578 cars, becoming the most popular Chinese auto brand in Russian market. And Lifan is also hopeful to keep leading Chinese auto brands for cumulative five years.

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The auto companies were still badly behaved in November that only three brands realized the growth. Though currently Russian economy is in a bad situation and the auto consuming market is in depression, Lifan Motors will keep great confidence and commitment to enlarge investment and realize extensive development in Russian market which is one of the most important overseas strategic markets of Lifan Motors. Lifan Motors bucked the trend and had done more in 2015. Lifan follows the market demand closely and timely launches new model to enrich the product line. LifanX50 which entered Russia this June has rapidly occupied an important part relying on its comprehensively upgrading product and the easy controlling. The model has kept the sales of over 500 cars every month even some cities are stock out, reflecting this personalized SUV has gathered large popularity.

In allusion to the auto loan rate staying a high level in Russia, Lifan Motors actively cooperates with several big banks in Russia to launch the concessional loan of 5.5% annual interest for promotion. Meanwhile, Lifan Motors keeps up with the market move and firstly launches the new year activity for providing winter tires to all models.

Though the auto market is in depression, Lifan Motors has figured out more breakthrough points. As the first auto manufacturer successfully cooperating with E-commerce, Lifan Motors AliExpress flagship store has sold 54 cars that the first batch of X50 and X60 have been sold out, reflecting that the O2O operation pattern which Lifan Motors making use of website to integrate with 4S store has succeeded initially. And Lifan will lead Russian auto industry to co-create the E-commerce Era, initiating the marketing new mode while the auto is in depression.

The market performance of Lifan Motors bucking the trend makes dealers more confident. The general manager of Lifan Motors Russia said, Lifan has made the commitment to the Russian market and customers, and will together with dealers to employ all the means to achieve the sustainable development.