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Lifan Continues to Win Chinese Auto Sales Championship in Brazil in December


Since winning the monthly championship among Chinese brands in November, Lifan Motors registered 507 cars in Brazil in October, with 22% comparative growth on moving base, successfully holding the post with a larger advantage at the end of the year.


The sales in Brazilian auto market in 2015 decreased 25.6%. Numerous traditional brands have a large falling range. The Chinese brands which are the main competitive ones of Lifan also decreased over 40%. However, the statistics of Lifan Motors in 2015 is relatively stable compared with last year, with a good performance in such marketing environment. To get full appreciation of Lifan Motors in Brazilian market in 2015, it is praiseworthy that Lifan has registered over 5000 cars only relying on three models.

As per the customer satisfaction and complaint website Reclame Aqui in Brazil, the satisfaction statistics from June to December 2015 show, Lifan Motors has got the Blue Face which means the absolute good reputation, positioned as the first echelon together with Toyota, indicating that the Brazilian customers greatly approve the after-sales service of Lifan Motors. In 2016, Lifan Motors will further improve the after-sales satisfaction and provide better service and auto products to Brazilian customers.