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Lifan Has Taken the Lead of Chinese Auto Brands in Russia for Cumulative Five Years


As per the statistics released by AEBRUS, in 2015, Lifan Motors has sold 15130 cars in total in Russia, turning out to be the most popular auto enterprise with the highest sales volume. Since becoming the most popular Chinese brand in Russia in 2011, Lifan has taken the lead for cumulative five years.


In 2015, Russian economy is up against difficulties that the auto market is in depression. Some auto brands choose to withdraw the market and reduce the output. As the Chinese auto brand firstly exploring Russian market and even the brave in the whole auto industry, Lifan bucks the trend which does warm the auto market. Russia has been one of the most important oversea strategic markets of Lifan Motors, which makes Lifan more determined to increase the investment and realize more development in Russia. The construction in Lipetsk fully indicates the great confidence and promise of Lifan Motors in Russian market.


In the aspect of product, Lifan follows the market demand closely and timely launches new model. LifanX50 which entered Russia this June has rapidly occupied an important part relying on its comprehensively upgrading product and the easy controlling. Lifan has sold 2926 cars just within half a year, simply indicating such personalized SUV has got a lot of attentions. LifanX60 has been sold for three years in Russia, of which the sales lead Chinese auto brands. The outstanding quality and service has been recognized by customers that the 8300 cars have been sold for the whole year.

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In the aspect of channel building, since establishing the direct sales company in Russia, Lifan Motors always takes the customers’ satisfaction as the main target and devoted to weed out the problematic networks and develop high-quality dealers which attach importance on service. In 2015, Lifan attracted a batch of dealers who agent the European and American brands before. For the purpose of optimizing and enhancing the quality of dealers, currently Lifan has owned 148 dealers in Russia, of which the sales have covered the whole Russia.


Though the auto market is in depression, Lifan Motors has figured out more breakthrough points. As the first auto manufacturer successfully cooperating with E-commerce, Lifan Motors AliExpress flagship store has sold out the first batch of X50 and X60, reflecting that the O2O operation pattern which Lifan Motors making use of website to integrate with 4S store has succeeded initially. And Lifan will lead Russian auto industry to co-create the E-commerce Era, initiating the marketing new mode while the auto is in depression. In allusion to the auto loan rate staying a high level in Russia, Lifan Motors actively cooperates with several big banks in Russia to launch the concessional loan of 5.5% annual interest for promotion.

“The market and industry are changing profoundly that the feature for challenge and opportunity coexisting is highlighted. Different from the years before, this year, Lifan dares to buck the trend which is based on its sound growth ability, reflecting the confidence in next year,” said the general manager of Lifan Russia Sun Zejun. In 2016, besides further enlarging the exploration to LifanX50 market, Lifan Motors will launch Lifan620II and X60 2016 version, for further strengthening and promoting Lifan’s status in Russian market.