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Ying Mingshan’s Change or Not Makes Lifan New and Intelligent Blue


Currently, Lifan Shares has been making new progress in the development of new energy car. In 2015, through integrating the car networking, energy internet and mobile internet, i.Blue Intelligent Blue new energy strategy has evolved together with car making, energy and car using.


The board chairman of Lifan Shares Yin Mingshan said, Lifan is actively making efforts to step forefront of new energy car standard. In September 2015, Chongqing Liangjiang New Zone, together with Lifan International and Sokon Industry Group, jointly invest to establish New Energy Automobile Industry Development (Chongqing) Co., Ltd. and the company wholly invests to set up Chongqing New Energy Automobile Lease Finance Company. In the future it is estimated to share the holding for establishing New Energy Automobile Industry Development Fund, setting foot in the lease of new energy car and financial service field.

Promote battery changing mode to adapt consuming habit
With the support to new energy car from national policy, Lifan starts to place the emphasis on electric cars. In the aspect of car model, Lifan launched pure electric hatchback, saloon passenger car and logistics new energy car with eight to twelve modulation batteries.

As learned, the battery changing mode which Lifan launched is of more advantages in new energy car market that the customers only need to pay for the car and the power battery is for leasing. And the battery charges for peak load leveling with low cost. Lifan does not only provide three-minute battery changing service for customers through the energy station, but also providing delivery service of the power battery with high cost performance, avoiding customers’ worries about the mileage.

The reformation of electric power system hastens the energy station
The reformation of electric power system brings good news to Lifan for distributing the energy station. In March 2015, the State Council issued Advice on Further Deepening the Reformation of Electric Power System, proposing the principle and direction of new round reformation of electric power system.
Lifan expects to establish 500 energy stations in future five years, covering Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Southwest China and Central China.

Pand Driving targets the intelligent transportation
Lifan subsidiary car leasing company is called Pand and Lifan has acquired Woasis Company which mainly focuses on car networking. Through making the car networking built into the Pand car, the information like car status, battery and driving situation can be feedback to the backstage management system at any time.

Pand Auto can realize the mobile phone APP operation for leasing, returning and settlement. In current market, other companies still need to open the car door or use the car with a card or key. Compared with other companies in the aspect of time-sharing leasing price, the price of Pand is the lowest which is 19.9Yuan/hr and 99Yuan/day. Meanwhile, it is also competitive compared with local public transportation, taxi and rail transit.

As learned, Lifan will launch Driverless Project with Last Several Hundred Meters next year. At that time when the user reaches departure terminal for taking the flight, the car can automatically drive to the fixed parking lot at the airport which brings much convenience to the users.