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Lifan Is Elected into China Export Quality Safety Model Enterprise


Lately, the General Administration of Quality Supervision announced the second list of China Export Quality Safety Model Enterprise. Chongqing Lifan Group is successfully into the list through a series of strict assessment and screening.


Lifan is successfully praised as the China Export Quality Safety Model Enterprise which will enjoy over ten convenience measures from the General Administration of Quality Supervision, including free inspection to the exported legal inspection products; take priority for providing overseas technical regulations, standard, conformity assessment procedures and trainings; give top priority for recommending to attend international quality control event; provide convenient and rapid service in the aspect of certification and accreditation, inspection and test as well as administrative licensing; support the Model Enterprise to carry out famous brand establishing activity; support to carry out the activity in right defence of product brand and enterprise image; widely make full use of news press, website and foreign affairs event to strengthen the promotion of the Model Enterprise; approve the Model Enterprise to rationally utilize its reputation to build the brand image in the home and abroad sales, e-commerce and marketing activities.

Lifan’s success in international market mainly owes to the great focus on product quality which plays significant drive for promoting Lifan even the Chinese brand’s cognition and reputation. Since acquiring the self-export rights in 1998, Lifan keeps exploring overseas markets relying on the reliable quality. With the development of the company, the business and product of Lifan has currently covered over 110 countries and regions including Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America. Made in Lifan, taking automobile and motorcycle as the representatives, has been widely approved by the international market.

As learned, carrying out China Export Quality Safety Model Enterprise is the significant move for China promoting import and export product quality safety level and increasing the competitiveness, which is also the specific expression of Quality Nation Strategy. The elected enterprises stand for the strength and advanced level of contemporary and future Chinese export industry development, playing the leading and model role in the industry.