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Lifan New Energy Develops Driverless Auto The First Model Will Be Launched Next June


Lifan driverless cars will use the low speed design, and hit the market next June", said the vice chairman of Lifan Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. Chen Wei.


In June 2015, Lifan has released the new energy planning for 2020, which will launch 21 new models including pure electric and hybrid power. As introduced by Chen Wei, Lifan New Energy will be combined with Internet + smart cars, "the smart car refers to driverless technology, almost every car will have the ability to be unmanned." With the launch of the driverless technology, Lifan Motors will enter a brand new field.

According to Lifan i.Blue 1.0 new energy strategy, Lifan will achieve the cumulative sales of 500,000 units in 2020. In addition, Lifan will complete building the ecological chain and industrial chain combining the internet+, intelligent car and energy internet by the base of new energy field industry including the motor, electronic control, battery, new material, networking and car networking.