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Lifan 320 becomes New Favorite in the Russian Used-car Market


Recently, the famous Russian automotive analysis organization АВТОСТАТ released the latest result about cars hedge rate investigation. Data showed that Lifan 320 ranks top three among the A-class car market with the outstanding achievements- up to 63.07% hedge ratio, and becomes one of the most popular used car models again.


It is reported that used car residual value assessment synthetically considers the brand, market, vehicle usage, maintenance and other factors. Among them, the vehicle technical quality and brand recognition is the key element. The car hedging rate investigate is the second one that АВТОСТАТ conducted in Russia, and models up to more than 2,200 species involved in research. "In Russian used car market, Chinese brand cars have been at a disadvantage, and consumers increasingly pay attention to quality and service, in this case, Lifan 320 Used cars stand out for the excellent quality and strength; win the trust and favor, and also reflects the Russian consumers’ acceptance of the Lifan brand is deepening increasingly. " Sun Zejun, the general manager of Lifan Motors Russia said, "I hope Lifan used car and booming new car business is upon each other, jointly pulling the increasing promotion of brand reputation.”

Lifan Motors with modern fashion design, rich technology configurations as well as economy and comfort, quickly occupied a place in the market. In 2015, Lifan absorbed a number of dealers which distributed European and American brands before, in order to optimize and improve the quality of dealers. Currently Lifan dealer network in Russia amounted to 155 that regional sales and service area covering the whole of Russia. In addition, Lifan Motors is with particular emphasis on improving service quality, and can meet the needs of customers in the shortest possible time because of adequate stock of spare parts. The unceasing improvement of the service quality and unceasing launching of series of suitable new models do not only the make Lifan brand gradually emerge, but also polish the Chinese auto brand. Since Lifan became the most popular Chinese auto brand in Russian market in 2011, Lifan brand has continuously kept leading for cumulative five years so far. In this January, under the condition of the Russian market sales falling 29.1% year-on-year, Lifan bucked up and increased 63% for the sales volume year-on-year during the same month.