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LifanX60 Achieves the Sales Champion among Chinese Brands in Brazil 2015


In 2015, Brazilian auto market continued sluggish performance, falling 25.6% on year-on-year basis, under the circumstances of market share hit the new lowest record in hoistory, Lifan X60 bucked the trend. According to Abeifa (Brazil Imported Cars Association) official statistics, Lifan won the Chinese car brand sales champion in 2015 again, and this achievement does not only demonstrate the LifanX60 powerful product competitiveness, but also shows a constant rising brand force at the same time.


Taking the honor of the champion, Lifan X60 launched in Brazil in 2013, selling more than ten thousand cars during the two and a half years, and achievements in 2014, 2015 China cars sales champion. Many mainstream media from Brazil have reported this one after another, moreover, they interpreted this champion model from the East to consumers in details.


Lifan X60 is always much touted by the Brazil consumers since 2013, with 1.8vvt engine, ahead of the same level SUV because of power efficient and large space, and always win the the monthly sales champion of China car models, keeping the unabated popularity. In August 2015, Lifan X60 facelift model launched in Brazil, and it promoted original Lifan X60 to a new height by large wheel hub, vertical grille, pretty taillight and so on, based on the family use car to protrude off-road adventure feature, become appropriate business, family use and traveling competitive SUV. Intimate and detailed after-sales care, various X60 riders activities that make Lifan users enjoy fast and convenient services, the ardent feelings of care and new driving experiences, Lifan X60 wins universal praise.

It is reported that in the Brazil market, the SUV segment is still in the growth phase at present, SUV market demand still further intensify and deepen, Lifan X60 CVT type may will be launched during this year in the Brazil market, while the subsequent upgrade facelift Lifan SUV, new SUV, etc. also in the comprehensive plan in order to meet the increased demands for SUV's Brazil consumers.