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Lifan Joins Hands with 2015-2016 World Cup Freestyle Skiing The Moscow Station Takes on Splendid C


On March 5, the final moguls of 2015-2016 World Cup Freestyle Skiing at Moscow station started with many attentions. Lifan brand, as the main sponsor of this world cup, brought a splendid competition to the world audience together with the top players.


As the global top skiing competition, the 2015-2016 World Cup Freestyle Skiing is the top competition that all world famous players have participated, having attracted numbers of sporters loving extreme sports to watch the game. And at the final of men and women’s Aerials, Mikacl Kingsbury from Canada and Perrin Laffont from France respectively won the champions of men and women’s group. Lifan Motors has specially provided the work transport car for the competition, assisting the top skiing players for competition, which also brings more focus to the game.


Moscow, Russia—the Frozen amazing worldwide, “at the history of World Cup Freestyle Skiing, Russia is the country most fully deserving holding the game. The activity of skiing stunt is accord with the city feature of Moscow, of which the infrastructure is well prepared.” And Lifan has the indissoluble bound with the ice and snow. As the general manager of Lifan Motors Russia said, “Skiing sport keeps challenging the fast and furious, which is exactly the same with the brand image of Lifan Motors for its young, vigorous and passionate. Lifan, joining with the top competition in the field of skiing, brings the splendid competition among top skiing players to the world audience, delivering the most motional experience.