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Mobo Is Approved for the Qualification of Cross-border foreign Exchange Payment Lifan Foreign Trad


Lately, the Sichuan suboffice of State Ministration of Foreign Exchange issued the notice about the Agreement for Chengdu Mobo Network Technology Co., Ltd.on carrying on cross-border foreign exchange payment transaction. In light of the approval, Mobo Network Technology Co., Ltd. will carry out the cross-border foreign exchange payment transaction on trade in goods after conducting the registration of Trade Foreign Exchange Receipts and payments business directory, which means the single overseas trade in goods of Lifan not more than USD 50,000 can realize the receipt and payment converge and foreign exchange settlement and sale.


As learned, Mobo is Chinese advanced mobile payment platform established by Chengdu Mobo Network Technology Company which is the subsidiary of Lifan Holdings. Mobo payment, as the third party payment platform, can transact the cross-border settlement for cross-border customers based on network trade, which has largely simplified the payment settlement process for customers and lowered the cost for customer expanding overseas business. What does the best is that Mobo winning the qualification for cross-border foreign exchange payment has made through the final part for Lifan overseas trade fund settlement, convenient for Lifan better carrying out cross-border investment, which has consequently lowered the cost for Lifan carrying out overseas trade and expanding overseas market; directly driven the process of Lifan internationalized strategy in financial field.

It is learned also, Mobo is not only in allusion to personal user for shopping payment in shopping websites, but also can make mobile phone payment at Molifang and over 1000 offline commercial tenants. Mobo provides online and offline payment and settlement service aiming at enterprise customer, of which the business covers B2B, B2C and C2C. Winning cross-border foreign exchange payment qualification creates a new profit growth point for Mobo, which is of the milestone value for expanding customer resource, promoting payment platform competitiveness, extending platform service range and optimizing and integrating payment value chain.

In recent years, Lifan Holdings devotes to develop financial strategy and has constructed the financial division arrangement taking the Mobo payment platform and Shanyun data platform as the core, setting foot in finance lease, enterprise bank, auto finance and PSP platform.