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The Lithium Core Project of Lifan Shares Subsidiary Has Got Capital Injection from National Developm


Lifan Shares new energy strategy has got the big boosting. The company announced in the evening on March 21, the National Development Fund made the capital increment of 188 million Yuan to the subsidiary of Lifan Group Chongqing Wanguang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd, making the registered capital of Wanguang New Energy increase from 920 million Yuan to 1.108 billion Yuan, mainly for investing Intelligent New Energy Auto 6 billion Watt Hour Lithium Core Project.


The data indicates, the National Development Fund is the wholly-owned subsidiary of National Development Bank, and Wanguang New Energy is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Lifan Shares. As learned, to meet the development layout of Lifan in new energy car, Wanguang New Energy plans to establish six 25AH lithium core production lines and four 40AH lithium core production lines in Shuitu Industry Park in Liangjiang New Area. After reaching the design capacity, it will form the design capacity of 40AH lithium core used for electric car and the annual capacity is 6 billion watt hour. The total investment of the project is 1.5476 billion Yuan. The project is also one of Lifan Shares private placements.