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Lifan 7-seat SUV Launches in China This May


Lifan Motors continues the arrangement in allusion to SUV division after realizing the coverage from A0 class to B class sedan. The brand new 7-seat SUV X7 will officially launch in China this May to seize more market shares.



7-seat space with flexibility
Lifan X7 has reached the new height in the aspect of wheel base and size. The 2720mm super long wheel base is in the lead of the peers. As the 7-seat model, the space is wide and the three-row seats can be easily operated. L7 adopts “2+3+2”seat arrangement. The second and third-row seats can be freely folded and flexible. Besides, Lifan X7 has more than twenty storage space.

Good-look makes better appearance
Lifan L7 reflects the domineering style. The high-quality stoving vanish adds the substantial feel to the auto body. The front face adopts chrome-plated front grille with three-dimensional section chrome-plated trim strip which is motional and generous. In the aspect of body side, the prominent wheel arch line manifests the muscle sense, making people desire to drive this car under the extreme road condition. In the aspect of rear design, the whole style is hale and hearty.

The roof adopts aluminum luggage rack which is light but fashionable and delicate, and resists from corrosion. The two-side LED side steering lamp power mirror perfectly integrates with the auto body. Matching up with the exterior rear-view mirror, the power side steering makes unique style.

The front combination lamps of Lifan X7 show its ability to the full extent. The three-level adjustable optical lamp shows the fashion and shining.

Simple Inner trim makes fashionable and practicable
The inner trim of Lifan X7 takes black as the main color tone and the seat adopts leather material. The roof adopts cream-colored material, adding the compatible style to the whole. The console functional control key adopts the key and rotary knob design which is accord with the user operation habit. The LED, colorful dashboard and multi-function steering wheel make more technical to the inner trim.

Abundant configurations with upgrading caring
The configurations of Lifan X7 are abundant which is full of technology. The air conditioner matches high-tech dual evaporating function, of which the refrigeration is strong but also environmental friendly, making you enjoy comfortable moments.

Besides, Lifan X7 equips high-level configurations such as MP5 large-size screen intelligent display system, luxurious 6 speakers, one-key anti-pinch sunroof, advanced button start and keyless entry, making Lifan X7 elegant, comfortable and practical family 7-seat SUV.

Superior driving with strong engine
As learned, Lifan X7 7-seat SUV adopts DVVT engine with the max. power of 80kw, which can reduce about 5% fuel consumption and promote the strong power. The 4AT transmission with accurate calibration is easy to operate which is accord with the transmission requirement of strong power but low consumption.

In the meantime, Lifan X7 recalibrates the front Macpherson independent suspension and guide rod non-independent rear suspension, providing the best traction, which is easy to face the road conditions. And it equips the advanced Bosch VIIII ABS+EBD. While reducing the weight and promoting the sensibility, it can intelligently allocate the four-wheel brake force, having greatly improved the safety coefficient.

Lifan entering7-seat SUV market just values the development potential of this segment market. The appreciation ceremony of Lifan X7 held lately is quite attractive. The large space, modernized design and advanced high-efficient power have got over 800 dealers’ praise after the test drive. It is expected that after X7 is put into market, relying on its cost performance advantage and correct market positioning, it will definitely become the popular model.