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Lifan Motors: 200 New Energy Battery Changing Stations Will Be Established


 Lately, Lifan Motors announced that Lifan would establish 200 new energy battery changing stations this year, laying down solid foundations for new energy automobile.


“The user just need drive the car to the energy station and directly change the battery without any recharge which only costs three minutes” said the person in charge of Lifan subsidiary Peak-shifting Energy. Meanwhile, the constant temperature charge mode provided by the energy station will make the lifetime of battery extend 2 to 3 times and lower down the consuming cost. It means, the owner does not need to wait for the charge, purchase the battery or worry about the cycle index of the battery. The cost saves over 30% compared with the fuel oil car.

Besides, the intelligent battery management system of the energy station possesses the function of battery volume monitoring which can remind the user to change the batter in time. In light of the distance from the user, the mobile energy car can provide the battery with on-the-spot service. The person in charge said, the first energy station located at Yuan Yang will put into operation this June. At that time, the single energy station can change the batteries for 2000 new energy cars per day. Lifan will establish 13 peak-shifting energy stations around the country this year.

Peak-shifting energy station is the tip of the iceberg for Lifan new energy stategy i.Blue 1.0. Lifan has established the scaled-down version of peak-shifting energy staion. This kind of station covers 300㎡ and provides charging and battery changing for 60 to 120 new energy cars which will be established in the apartment area and CBD public parking lot. At present, 50 scaled-down energy stations have been set up, and another 200 stations will be established around the country this year.