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Lightning! Fernando’s Consecutive Goals to Guangzhou Evergrande FC & SIPG FC


 On April 2nd, with only 10 players on the field, Chongqing Lifan FC draw 1:1 with SIPG FC, which was the Runner-up of the previous Chinese Super League. Fernando Henrique Da CONCEIÇÃO from Lifan FC is irreplaceable in this game. Against the strong competitor, Lifan FC gets one Red Card only 2 minutes after the start of the game, and lost one goal first. The situation can not be bad more. In this critical moment, Fernando, who is called “Lifan Motorcycle”, saved the team again, and helped Lifan to defend the home field. In the 81 minutes of this game, with the clever pass from Gigliotti, like the lightning, Fernando run about wildly inside, after a wonderful shoot, goal!!!


So far in the Chinese Super League, for all the 4 goals from Lifan FC, three of which were contributed by Fernando. On March 6th, Lifan FC defeated Guangzhou Evergrande FC with 2:1, which won the championship in the previous Chinese Super League. In this game, Fernando got 2 goals with the same long-distance raid, break through the goal keeper who is also from Chinese National Football Team. These 2 goals brought tough and bitter feelings to the defending champion with bad start of this season. What’s more worth mentioning is that this is also the first time for Evergrande FC to loose the game in the first round of each season. With the perfect performance of Fernando, Lifan has won great scores which shall be called “Gorgeousness”. After the two long-distance raid goals, the fans photographed on GIF which shows Fernando rides on the motorcycle. This GIF is so crazy through the internet. Lifan even produced the limited edition of the motorcycle for Fernando, which becomes a much-told story.


At the fourth round of the super league, Lifan kicks against Shijiazhuang Yongchang which got one score at the visiting field relying on Gigliotti’s one goal. Till now, based on the good result of the first four matches, Lifan has won one, draw two and lost one, totally scored 5 in this season of Chinese Super League. The gold content of one win and two draw games values a lot, which shows the fighting spirit and tenacity of this team. The Korean Coach, Chang Woe-Ryong, has injected the energy of offensive gene to this Mountain City Team.