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LifanX60 Launching in Argentina


On April 6, 2016, with the ebullient cheering and applause, Lifan Motors and its distributor in Argentina LIFCAR SA announced, Lifan X60 2016 officially launched in Argentine market, which indicates that Lifan Motors’ exploring in South American auto market has taken a strategic step. Meanwhile, it also injects the new energy to the economic SUV market in Argentina.


The general manager of Lifan Motors Uruguay Direct Sales Company Wu Tao and the deputy general manager Pablo Revetria were invited to the event. At the ceremony, Wu Tao emphasized the strategic position for south common market in world lifan development. And he said, through years’ efforts, the overall arrangement of Lifan Motors in Brazil and Uruguay has gradually formed. With Lifan and Lifcar jointly exploring and developing in Argentine market, Lifan Motors has formed the development strategic pattern taking Uruguay plant as the production basis and Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina as the sales support, further to optimize and integrate the resource and advantages of Lifan Motors in south common market and form the constellation effect for intensifying the localization.


LifanX60, relying on its fashionable appearance design, abundant technical configurations and mature product quality, has achieved the sales champions of Chinese models in 2014 and 2015, widely recognized by customers. Taking the name of champion, it naturally becomes the first launching product for Lifan Motors entering Argentine market. The chief brand manager Paula said, “I do believe X60 will definitely live up to the expectations which will bring Argentine customers with perfect space and driving experience. Lifan Motors, together with Lifcar company, will witness the rapid development of Lifan brand in Argentine auto market.