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Lifan Motors Was Awarded the Most Famous Chinese Brand in Russia Without a Hitch


 On April 21, the most influential annual auto awarding ceremony in Russia ended up with success in Moscow. Lifan Motors was awarded the Most Famous Chinese Brand in Russia


As learned, the Year of Car in Russia, as the annual national awarding ceremony in Russia, is of great reputation. In light of the statistics, the awarding ceremony has received 934,326 votes over 86 states in Russia this year. Most of the votes give high praise to the fashionable design of Lifan cars. The general manager of Lifan Motors Russia Sun Zejun said, Lifan has been leading Russian market for cumulative five years, becoming the most popular Chinese auto brand. “Devoted to product quality is what Lifan always pursues, and Lifan will keep perfecting product line. Adding new design factor will be the long-term task of Lifan Motors.”




Besides, 40% consumers participating in the survey have the car purchase plan in the half year and one year. 61% consumers are of the willingness to purchase a new car at the standard dealers, and 51% consumers are more willing to loan to buy a car. Besides, Sun Zejun said, Lifan Motors would launch the new-generation family sedan 650 this Autumn, and bring in various well-being activities such as the financial policies which customers are interested in.