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Lifan Motors Takes Active part in Auto World 2016 in St. Petersburg


 On April 10, the 25th St.Petersburg Auto World 2016 ended up with success. Lifan Motors with its partner Auto Style Company taking its star models including 820, X60, 720 to the show. Some of these models made a great improvement in the quality and some other attracted a lot of attentions banking on its amazing appearance.


As the transformational vehicle model of Lifan Motors for surpassing and innovation, Lifan 820 is such intermediate vehicle painstakingly developed by Lifan Motors by integrating the global advantageous resources and internationally advanced technologies and based on the luxurious high-performance platform. With low-pitched, grand, and exquisite appearance, Lifan 820 carries engines with 2.4LVVTgold displacements as primary. 2.4L VVT engine has a maximum output power of 118kw(r/min) and maximum torque of 221N•m. Stabilization, high-efficiency, low fuel consumption, light weight, and high performance advantages embody the typical pragmatism of Lifan 820.