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President Mu Gang Is Awarded Top 10 Chongqing Economic Person of the Year


 The award ceremony for 2015 Chongqing Economic Person of the Year was announced on April 13. Through rounds of election, the president of Lifan Industry (Group ) Co., Ltd. Mu Gang is elected Top10 Chongqing Economic Person of the Year with an overwhelming majority of votes. This is the second time for him awarded for this honor since 2014.


As the newly-developing power in Chinese auto industry, over the past 24 years, Lifan sticks to the globalization and diversification strategy that the international development is of great inspiration. Since exporting 10 years ago, Lifan Motors has cumulatively exported over 320,000 cars, of which the export volume keeps top 3 among Chinese auto brands. The president Mu Gang leads Lifan Motors to build the name card of Chinese Brand at over 50 countries and regions, becoming the biggest dark horse for Chongqing Automobile overseas. And Lifan Motors has been the top 1 sales volume in Russia among Chinese auto brands for cumulative five years, having explored over 500 marketing network around the world, and established five wholly-owned direct selling companies. The products are off line at seven overseas KD plants.


For Lifan’s growth which bucks up the trend overseas, Mu Gang said at his acceptance speech, Lifan just obeys the rules of automotive industry development, which is the artisan spirit the board chairman Yin Mingshan usually emphasizes in the company. “The quintessence of the spirit lies in perseverance and accumulation. The steadfast accumulation achieves the development and the perseverance gets the target.”