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Lifan Group Is Awarded the Model Enterprise of Chinese Export Quality Safety


 On May 6, Lifan Group won the honorary title of Model Enterprise of Chinese Export Quality Safety. Since China implements the election project, Lifan is the first batch of Chongqing enterprises winning such honor. 


The Model Enterprise of Chinese Export Quality Safety is the highest honor that China endows exporting superior enterprises, manifesting the new competitive advantage of Made in China, which is the full affirmation to exporting superior enterprises carrying forward quality spirit. The enterprise winning such honor can enjoy some convenient measures such as the free inspection of product in the exporting directory, exporting foreign-aid materials and governmental contract inspection articles implements verification and supervision, as well as the self-use equipment in the importing directory implements common inspection. Meanwhile, the model enterprise will play the leading role in the field and industry, to speed up driving the industry transformation and promoting the quality safety level.

The head of inspection supervision department of Chongqing Entry Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Li Jin presented the Honor Plaque to Lifan Group. He said, through the due diligence of Chongqing Entry Exit Inspection and Quarantine and the material audit of Chinese General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, all series products of Lifan Group are accord with the standard of Review Condition of Chinese Exporting Quality Safety Model Enterprise, having achieved the review demands of Model Enterprise of Chinese Exporting Quality Safety. Lifan has proved the superiority as Chinese first-class enterprise, winning the global reputation for Made in China.