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Lifan Shares Cooperates with Hiboridd to Boost the New Energy Power Control System


 Lifan Shares announced on the evening of May 26, the wholly-owned subsidiary Chongqing Lifan Passenger Vehicle Co., Ltd. planned to co-invest with Hiboridd (Beijing) Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. to establish Hiboridd (Chongqing) Power Control System Co., Ltd.


The data displays, Hiboridd is a national leading manufacturer focusing on the core technology of auto power electronic control and product research, devoted to provide core power electronic control system for Chinese energy saving and new energy auto industry with speedy development. Its core team has over ten years of experience for leading technology research and development. At present, the company has carried out the close cooperation with some national auto manufacturers in the field of pure electric car and HEV power train control system, range extender control system of extended-range electric car etc.


Lifan Shares expresses, the investment takes consideration of the company’s new energy auto development strategy which has been completely investigated and surveyed, facilitating to the development arrangement of the company in new energy auto industry. Make full use of the unique advantage of Hiboridd in power control system of energy saving and new energy car to facilitate the company to establish independent new energy battery production line, enhancing the competitive advantage of new energy car.