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Pand Auto Moved into the Internet Industrial Park A New Station Was Officially Put into Operation


 On May 19, Pand Auto officially moved into the internet industrial park in Liangjiang New Area. And the station was officially on line. At the ceremony, the board chairman of Lifan Group Yin Mingshan, deputy director of the management committee in Liangjiang New Area He Yousheng, director general of scientific and technological innovation bureau in Liangjiang New Area Yang Chunlin, general manager of Pand Auto Gao Yu and some partners together inaugurated for the internet industrial park station of Paud Auto.

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Leaders inaugurated for the 777th Pand Auto
As a significant part of internet + car networking + energy internet for Lifan Group, which is also the core of Lifan iBlue strategy, the board chairman Yin Mingshan said, the one who firstly enters the field will seize the opportunity to be the forerunner. Just like the giant enterprises in internet, he hoped Pand Auto could become the benchmarking enterprise in new energy auto operation field.
The staff of Pand Auto place Pand Logo by the way of flash mob
As learned, Pand Auto was officially put into operation on November 11, 2015, which has already set up over 50 time-sharing lease stations in downtown area of Chongqing. It is one of the time-sharing lease projects with the fastest development. The operation data is much higher than the industry average, becoming national leading new energy auto lease platform. Pand Auto also started the arrangement and development outside Chongqing.
The board chairman Yin Mingshan visited the office of Pand Auto
The general manager of Pand Auto Gao Yu said, besides time-sharing lease business, Pand Auto also plans to enter special car market at the second half of 2016, which has already started to co-develop and upgrade the technology module together with global leading technology provider and will establish its own drivers and teams. Meanwhile, Pand Auto will set foot in taxi market, putting in the Lifan hybrid car models into the taxi market.

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