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Chinese Ambassador to Iran Paid A Visit to Lifan Auto Production Line in Iran


 On June 12, Chinese ambassador to Iran Mr. Pang Sen, together with the staff of the embassy, paid a visit and inspection to automobile industrial park in Bam, Kerman Province in Iran. In the company of the government officers, the distributor of Lifan Motors in Iran Kerman Motors Company and Lifan business manager in Iran, visited the production line of Lifan Motors.


And at the followed meeting, Mr. Pang and the government officers of Bam had a cordial communication and discussion in the aspect of bilateral historical origin, economic cooperation, culture and the art. Mr. Pang said, Iran was the key friendly nation for Chinese One Belt, One Road strategy that both sides commonly withstood the western economic sanction, and would had further cooperation in economy. He also called upon the Chinese auto enterprise to enlarge the investment and localization in Iran. The mayor of Bam said that he eagerly hoped the Chinese auto enterprise to drive the development of industrial park. Lifan actively responds the call of the nation and the embassy as always that the overseas investment, technology transfer and product localization takes the lead of most Chinese auto enterprises, undoubtedly turning out to make greater contributions to the development of Chinese auto industry and Iranian auto industry.


During the meeting, the ambassador Mr. Pang Sen expressed his care to Lifan and the staff working overseas. He enjoined all the Chinese staff to pay attention to the production safety as well as the personal security, especially under the situation of rampant international terrorism, they should be on the alert and keep contact with Chinese embassy and local government; make emergency mechanism and practice.