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Lifan Motors Russia Launches Maintenance Discount Activity


Lifan Motors Russia launched the after-sales service discount activiety in March which has successfully commenced.


As leanred, Lifan Motors Russia has drawn the conclusion through analyzing the maintenance cars for nearly one year. The analysis indicates that there are only 17% Lifan cars (two-year using ) of the UI0 inventory make the fourth maitenance in Lifan authorized service provider, and there is much less for the sixth maintenance. Compared with the same class brands, they all encounter the same situation, which may lead to the decline of end users' loyalty to the brand as well as the decrease of parts sales, even result in potential customer defection.


Take the example of maintenance times from 2014 to 2015 at Lifan self-support 4S store

Based on above analysis, for improving the car maintenance quantity and enhancing the end users' loyalty to achieve the win-win result, Lifan Motors Russia, in light of the sales data and customer information, calculates that if carrying out a discount maintenance service activity, following benifits will be achived:1. 40% maintenance will be increased from the fourth to sixth maintenance.2. the dealer will also get another 40% maintenance income. 3. 2% more sales for parts. 4. Further improve the image of Lifan brand.

As learned, the user taking part in the fourth to sixth maintenance discount activity will be given parts and maintenance discount to enjoy the same preferential policies with the old uesers.

By this month, the fourth to sixth maintenancehas increased 13% with comparative growth on moving base. And the maintenance parts sales have also increased 65%. The activity has further increased the users coming to make maintenance; accelerated the parts flow as well as improved the customer loyalty and satisfaction. Lifan Motors Russia will continue to carry out the activiety till the end of this year and will make comprehensive analysis.