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China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands Come Out The Brand Value of Lifan Rises Again


 The World Brand Summit organized by World Brand Lab was held in Beijing on June 22, which released the analysis report of 13th China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands 2016. The monitoring report, based on finance, consumer behavior and brand strength, indicates, Lifan ranks 260th with the brand value of 12.886 billion Yuan, having appreciated 2.421 billion Yuan compared with last year, which ranks 23th in automobile industry. It is cumulative 13 years for Lifan selected into the list since the first release in 2004, of which the brand value keeps increasing.

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The total value of China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands 2016 is 13269.63 billion Yuan, increasing 2456.474 billion Yuan compared with last year, with 22.72% increasing range. Robert Mundell said, it was the 13th year for World Brand Lab formulating Chinese brand report. The selection threshold in 2004 was only 500 million Yuan and the average value was 4.943 billion Yuan for top500 brands. And this year in 2016, the selection threshold has been increased to 2.265 billion Yuan, and the average value for top500 brands is up to 26.539 billion Yuan, with 436.90% increasing range.

“中国500最具价值品牌”榜单出炉 力帆品牌价值攀升-2.jpg

Last year, Lifan experienced the test of market competitiveness. Under the severe situation that the global automobile and motorcycle industries are in depression, Lifan intensifies the reform to comprehensively enter new energy industry for seeking for the breakthrough, which has realized the sales revenue of 30.82 billion Yuan. Lifan continues to keep the leading position in the field, manifesting the brand competitiveness of Lifan.

“中国500最具价值品牌”榜单出炉 力帆品牌价值攀升-3.jpg

In the list of China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands, the top five are State Grid ( 305.568 billion Yuan ), Tencent ( 287.592 billion Yuan ), ICBC (274.832 billion Yuan), China Life Insurance ( 253.628 billion Yuan ) and Haier (221.865 billion Yuan).