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Lifan Bucked the Trend in Depressed Russian Auto Market The Sales Greatly Increased 88% in May


 In recent years, Russian economy encounters difficulties that the auto market is in depression. And the sales bottomed out this April. However, the market did not take a turn for the better as expected in May. The sales of light vehicle and light commercial vehicle declined 14.5% in Russian auto market in May that 107,665 cars were sold, with total sales of 548,119 cars for first five months, declining 14.7%. The sales differentiation for Chinese independent brands is up to the new height that the sales for all independent brands are of large disparity.

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In face of such serious environment, as the Chinese auto brand keeping top sales for cumulative five years, Lifan Motors bucked the trend and overcame the difficulties. The auto sales in May was up to 1270 cars, greatly increasing 88% on year-on-year basis. As learned, Lifan Motors has sold 6255 cars in Russia, increasing 65% compared with last year.

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The reason why Lifan Motors performs well even in the depressed Russian auto market is greatly due to the two SUV models. 465 LifanX60 were sold in May and the cumulative sales for first five months are 2611 cars. And 360 X50 were also sold in May. 2186 cars in total were delivered to the customers for the first five months this year. Besides, Lifan720 is quite favored by Russian people of which the sales were up to 223 cars this May. Lifan Motors became the only Chinese auto company selling over 1000 cars in Russia this May.

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Lifan Motors has 120 dealers in Russia, ranking the first among Chinese independent brands. Lifan Motors also pays great attentions to upgrading the product series. This summer, Lifan plans to launch two new models, they are Lifan Solano II and LifanX60 2016.

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Since entering Russian auto market in 2007, Lifan Motors has made the sales rapidly increase and become the most popular Chinese auto brand in Russia through strictly implementing the strategies of familiar with local laws and regulations; adhering to the localized strategy; improving brand after-sales service image; establish direct sales dealership and tries marketing new channel. Currently the total inventory of Lifan Motors in Russia is nearly 110,000 cars.

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