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Lifan Brings Brand New Models to the 3rd China-Russia Expo


 From July 11 to 14, the third China-Russia Expo was grandly held in Ekaterinburg, Russia. The general manager of Lifan Motors Russia Sun Zejun headed the team to participate in the show. As learned, currently Lifan has become the leading Chinese auto brand in Russia.


At this expo, Lifan has showed its main new brands including Lifan820, Lifan Myway and Lifan Solano II.

Since firstly appearing in Beijing, Lifan820 has become a new star among Lifan product series. As the business sedan, Lifan820 equips 16-inch aluminum alloy wheel hub and low flatness ratio tire, sharp engine cover line and waist line. The stable A, B and C columns do not only manifest its grand vigor, but also reflect its strong sport sense. We can learn that Lifan has made a lot of efforts in the trunk interior. And the high-quality material, brand new multi-media system as well as the wood grain shift lever are of great elegance. As learned, Lifan820 may sell to the public in 2017.


Meanwhile, as the seven-seat SUV of Lifan Motors, Myway attracted a lot of attentions at the expo.

The chrome plated front grille of Myway which combines with the LED lights makes itself look more powerful. The wheelbase is 2720mm long, plus its high ground clearance, the vehicle can meet all the demands as a SUV. What is more, the extra two seats at the third row are more attractive to young families which can fully reflect the lifestyle of young families. Currently Myway has two power options (1.5L with 110 horsepower and 1.8L with 131 horsepower). And besides the manual gear, 1.5L EX Myway also has AT option. The maturer suspension system as well as ABS and EBD make an easy driving even under the complicated road conditions. Myway is planned to launch in Russia next year.


Besides, Lifan also brings the facelift version of its star model named Solano II. After commencing the brand new design and having improved the ergonomic design, Solano II will officially enter Russian market this September. As we know, since 2011, among all Chinese auto brands in Russia, Lifan has been top 1 for cumulatively five years that the model Solano has contributed a lot. Therefore it is naturally that Russian people places great hope on the new generation model Solano II.


The general manager of Lifan Motors Russia Sun Zejun said, “It's true that there are still a lot of people who are not optimistic to Chinese cars. But we put our focus on improving the manufactuing process; pay much attentions on the quality and improve our quality warranty policy. All the efforts we have made has greatly accelerated the development of Lifan. Besides, a lot of global famous companies have showed their interest in Lifan, especially the innovative technology. And now we have deeply known that Russian market is of great importance to us. At the Russian Annual Auto Ceremony this April, Lifan won the title of Most Famous Chinese Brand, which was also the common recognition from Russian consumers. All of these make us stay resolved to keep forward in Russian market. ”

And during the expo, Lifan also held the first regional promotion conference, having invited over thirty potential dealers and partners from Ekaterinburg and surrounding areas. Many dealers showed their great interest in cooperating with Lifan and successfully moved forward to the negotiation.