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The Vice Chairman of Chongqing Political Consultative Conference Paid a Visit to Pand Auto


On July 13, the vice chairman of Chongqing Political Consultative Conference Mr. Zhou Keqin, together with Chongqing new energy auto investigating group, inspected Chongqing Pand Auto Leasing Company. The officers have got further knowledge of the operation pattern of Pand Auto and the battery replacement mode of Lifan new energy car through watching the battery replacement of peak shifting energy and experiencing the app operation of Pand Auto. The vice president of Lifan and the chief scientist Mr. Chen Wei and the CEO of Pand Auto Ms.Gao Yu received the officers.


Gao Yu made a report to the development situation of Pand Auto firstly, and emphasized on the new mode of Pand Auto in allusion to official business vehicle reform. Chen Wei also made a report to the officers on the difficulties and obstacles for the development of new energy auto industry as well as the suggestions on innovation model for reform of the supply front. The vice chairman Zhou Keqin and officers watched the battery replacement of peak shift energy and personally experienced the new energy cars. He gave high praise to the battery replacement mode and smart drive. He said that Pand Auto was the forerunner in new energy auto business model. The battery replacement and smart drive would bring brand new industry chain opportunities. And he expressed his confidence in the development outlook of Pand Auto as well as the battery replacement mode of new energy.


Pand Auto is a smart driving platform based on new energy car. The first project Time-sharing Lease has rapidly been the national leading smart driving platform of new energy car since firstly launching in Chongqing last November 11. The 3-in-1 smart drive mode namely internet + car networking + auto service has attracted extensive attentions from the industry and media. Lately, several programs from CCTV and China Daily successively reported this innovation model.