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Programs of CCTV Report Lifan New Energy


On July 9, two programs of CCTV which is the Chinese national TV station respectively reported the new energy car of Lifan Motors. It is the fourth time that Lifan appearing at national TV programs within one week. 


The national media shows great interest in the industrial structures that Lifan has experienced for three times. At the on-scene interview, the vice board chairman of Lifan Mr. Chen Wei said, the development of Lifan was constantly experiencing the adjustment of industrial structure from Power to Finished Automobile, from Two Wheels to Four Wheels, from Fuel Oil to New Energy. The future is full of imagination.


At CCTV report, they pay close attention to Lifan’s innovation exploration which relies on traditional automobile manufacturing and extends to new energy automobile service. Naturally Pand Auto becomes the star at these days’ report.


Pand Auto is a time-sharing lease car-using platform, which is the first company realizing account registration, one button for rental, car control, self-service car returning and mobile phone settlement completely through mobile phone application. When a customer firstly uses mobile phone to open the car, he or she cannot help praising that it is full of high technology. Different from the complicated flow such as traditional contract signing, offline identity verification and key delivering by person, Pand Auto can easily solve everything just through a mobile phone.


Next Pand Auto will respond to the ardent anticipation. In 2016, Pand Auto plans to increase 200 stations in Chongqing, and the time-sharing cars put into operation will be up to 2000 cars, fully covering the hot spot regions and CBD, to provide more convenient and completed car-using service for citizens.