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Lifan Keeps Champion in Hands


 Since Brazil went into the downturn in 2015, the sales of auto market has kept declined that the first half year of 2016 went down 25.1% compared with last year. All auto brands have encountered the declination due to the economy depression. However under such background, the sales volume of Lifan at the first half year in 2016 are nearly 2000 units, leading all Chinese auto brands with the obvious advantage.


Due to the decreasing of the Chinese auto market shares, currently it is great challenge to all Chinese brands and also the hard time. In allusion to the customers’ doubt, Chinese auto enterprises have to get the recognition from customers mainly focusing on customer care, brand image etc.


Lifan Motors Brazil started to adjust the network strategy in 2016, commencing to cease the dealer rights in allusion to the one with bad service and low efficiency. Slow down the expansion, improve the dealer standard and make after-sales service capacity and attitude as the primary condition. Lately two high-standard networks newly opened in SC State and San Paulo have already put into operation. As feedback, the first customers are quite satisfied with the network. Besides, Lifan started to carry out after-sales care activities successively in Brasilia and Sao Paulo. What’s more, the after-sales training is always on to guarantee the service capacity of dealers, training their service awareness and guaranteeing the customer satisfaction.


Besides after-sales, Lifan Brazil widely spreads the public benefit activity; organizes Lifan auto club activity; invite consumers to visit China and actively organizes regional exhibition and traditional activities. Through all of these, the brand recognition and image has been great improved in Brazil, which is the key reason for Lifan becoming the champion among Chinese auto brands at the first half year of 2016.

Currently Brazilian market is going to be better that the currency rate for BRL to USD is from 4.2 at the beginning of the year to current 3.2. The market is recovering step by step which makes us more confident. Lifan will stick to the after-sales service strategy to make customer as the focus and meet more challenges with more preparation.